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10 Things Students Must Do Before Arriving In Australia

What Students Must Do

Australia is one of the best places for education. Students feel most privileged to study in Australia. The government of Australia is mainly focusing on the education system of the country. Therefore, the education system of the country resembles a lot similar to the education system of the United Kingdom.

The government makes sure that every student gets enough facility. The facilities are provided to make sure the comfort and peace of students.

About The Country

Australia is one of the top largest countries in the world. It is the 6th largest country and there are lots of opportunities too. It is also one of the most successful countries in the Education System. Many students wish to study in Australia for a successful future. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the necessary things to study in Australia.

You will be scrutinized for many things before you enter the country. It is the basic necessities related to financial support and accommodation support. Today, we are going to share 10 must-to-do things before arriving in Australia.

You will like everything about Australia. One can find themselves in complete bliss. The climate and weather of the country are very soothing. It makes it a perfect place to study or pursue a job. That is why many students from different countries are coming to Australia.

It is because the Australian Government provides many opportunities for students. However, it is not easy to get a VISA for Australia. You will go through a number of procedures before you finally make it to Australia. Students must do some reading about VISA procedures.

Studying In Australia

Australia is the country that welcomes 1000s of students every year. There are 3 major countries in the world that are known for their education system. The United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Australia has the largest number of international students apart from the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Australian Government has made sure that the quality of education is sustained in the country. Therefore, they have introduced many strategies and framework to ensure the quality of education in Australia. Students must do some research on the education system of Australia

Education Quality Assurance

It is difficult to study and stay in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. However, that is not the case with Australia. The government has taken necessary measures to ensure the safety and facility for the students. That is why many education enthusiasts choose Australia. In order to enter Australia, you will need to get a student visa for yourself.

There are certain procedures like language proficiency, education certification, financial requirements Et Cetera. You have to clear all these parameters to get a student visa for Australia.

Schools And Colleges In Australia

There are mainly 2 types of schools and colleges in Australia. There are government schools and there are private schools. Funding of both the sectors is done by the Australian Government. You just need to pay the tuition fee and accommodation fee to study in Australia. In many cases, the government provides accommodation for the students as well. You will find it absolutely fantastic to study in Australia.

Students Must Do

Things You Must Do Before Arriving In Australia

There are certain things you consider before going to any foreign country. Every country has its own rules and regulations. They have their own culture. The people of every country have their own notions and beliefs.

You need to make sure that you do not pose any discomfort to their belief systems. Unlike any other country, Australia is very friendly. There are no weird laws in the country for you to get uncomfortable. However, you should prepare a few things before arriving in Australia.

Improve Your English

English is the universal language. It is recognized by most of the countries. English is also the language of Australia. You might have good command over the language. However, it is important to gain more proficiency in the English Language. It will not only help you with your studies but it will help you to connect with people easily. Students must do this to get familiar with the country quickly.

It will be mandatory during the application of VISA for Australia. The VISA Authority will demand you to submit certifications on the language proficiency. You should be prepared to demonstrate your language skills during the VISA interview. You should not give up on learning English after clearing VISA Interview. It will help you in many ways. So, you should stick to improving your language.

Fund Management

You should learn how to manage your funds wisely. Being an international student on foreign land means financial limitations. You should consciously spend your money. You should take money for granted. Plus, the currency of Australia has a higher value than most of the countries. Commonwealth Bank is run by the government. So, you should create an account for yourself. Student VISA will give you access to work 20 hours a week.

Apply for a part-time job. You would never wish to be the situation of running out of money. Always keep a back-up for money. That can be achieved through savings.

Connect With People

Try to make acquaintance with as many students and other people. Always be ready to meet new people. These things will help you to get localised with the area. You would be aware of the locality. It will make your resourceful. Being resourceful is the best asset you can have. You become more capable of handling yourself alone. Connecting with people also helps the person to gain more confidence.

Part-Time Jobs

You should be always ready for new opportunities. Getting a part-time job will provide more exposure for you. You will be exposed to more opportunities to learn and build yourself. It is recommended for the students to opt for Part-Time Jobs. You will become trained before you actually step into your career job. Doing part-time jobs also helps in gaining professionalism. Therefore, you will be more organized in your studies as well.

Health Care

You should learn to take care of yourself. Health is the primary and most fundamental asset of a human being. Always remember, Health is greater than Wealth.

The medical expenses in Australia are too high. You wouldn’t want yourself to become sick every now and then. Therefore, you should consciously monitor your eating and sleeping habits. Create a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly. Health is more important for a student. In sickness, you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies and it can lead to poor grades as well.

Learn The Law

It is always recommended to learn the law of the country. Not just Australia, you should always learn the basic laws of the country that you are staying in. It will help you in many ways. You will be well aware of what are the dos and don’ts in the country. Most of the times people get into serious trouble because of lack of knowledge.

Disregarding their beliefs could be considered as a serious offence in the country. Therefore, you should be aware of it. Also, you should know your rights. Knowing the rights will help you to avail the facilities provided by the government. You won’t get the facilities unless you ask for it.

Make Some Travel

Travel as much as you can. Australia is a very large country. Top 5 Cities in the world are located in Australia. Every state and city of Australia has different types of diversity and culture. Get to know about them. Also, you can explore some renowned companies in those cities. Try to find out more detail about the different companies. These things will prepare you to gain more knowledge and confidence in your career.

Broaden Your Gaze

You should always be open to learning new things. The best feature of a person is their open-mindedness. You should have the capability to learn, unlearn and relearn things. That makes your mind more versatile and dynamic. Don’t get stuck with the old ideas. Furthermore, there will be a few things that will contradict your own belief system. Therefore, you should not ignore these things. Try to find an answer to your questions. These things will generate new ideas in your mind. Hence, you will find your more success in future.

Accommodation In Australia

The Australian Government provides accommodation facilities in some of the government colleges. However, you should think of getting your own apartment. Some local people try to reap extra rental money from the tenants.

These things occur due to lack of knowledge between the students. Therefore, you can stay at a temporary property for a while. You can find shared apartments after a brief adjustment in time. Shared-Apartments are better to stay in and they are much affordable than individual apartments.

Tackling Homesickness

It is a very common problem among students. Every student goes through this problem. Therefore, most of the students emerge from this problem eventually. However, it can get worse among many students. Some students give up in between.

They fly back to their home country due to serious homesickness. Also, some students face ill-health during these times. You should prepare yourself for these kinds of trouble. Hence, always stay connected with people around and get in touch with senior students. Senior students are better at sharing tips and tricks to tackle the homesickness problem.