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A complete guide for Accommodation in Australia

Are you planning to settle up in Australia for your academics? Australia shares a fine share of his proportion of Top universities in Global top 50 university who offers Bachelor, Masters, Diplomas and certification program to more than 1.5 million students. In case you are still in process of Visa, please read our blog article on Australian student visa requirements. In case you are already looking for an accommodation in Australia, read further.

To accommodate such a large number of students, Australia offers several accommodation options ranging from university accommodations or self-created apartments to homestay and shared housings. These options suit every budget or personality. Many Australian Universities provides the information guide for their accommodation services which provides suggestions and advice about various accommodation options and assist student to suit their requirements. Our admission process expert at have curated a list of option for accommodating with respect to the city they are going to reside. 


Sydney is home to many renowned colleges and universities, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales and The University of Sydney are some to name a few. All the universities offers accommodation both off or on campus. Whether you are moving interstate, overseas or around the corner, deciding where to reside during your course may be one of the biggest challenges you will face while enrolling for university course. Living on-campus hostels or close to campus may enhance an individual’s academic experience and you may find it easier to indulge yourself with enriched student lifestyle. 
The availability and cost of accommodation in Sydney, Australia relies on the type of accommodation you pick. For example, Living-on campus is very popular and require the students to apply for a dorm/room in advance, whereas rental accommodations such as shared housing and private rental are more easily available and you can often find it organised the day you arrive. generates useful blogs for students to feel home in new place. Moreover, you take care of your accommodation in Sydney and we take care of your assignment writing in Sydney.

University Accommodation

On-campus accommodation option comprises of halls of residence, residential colleges and apartments. These are the most popular options and we suggest you to enrol early with your admission process.  The cost and accommodation options varies between institutions and you should contact the institution staff to get full details about location and pricing. Residential college dorms provide meals, accommodation, laundry service, meals and a wide range of several support service for academic and social needs. This is usually more expensive than other options as they offer a range of facilities and support service. They offer private rooms, attached washrooms, mess, recreational or seminar arenas and libraries. 
The other option which you can avail is halls of residence which provide a lively social atmosphere but with comparatively fewer services and facilities than residential college accommodations. Some might offer meals and laundry service but you may need to be self-catered for all your needs. This might help the student to be more independent. You can avail private rooms with shared washrooms, in-house kitchen and recreational areas. The University accommodations are quite affordable and universities adjust their cost as per student’s need. 

Off-Campus Living

More than 90% of students prefer staying off-campus. The universities are close to a number of multicultural and vibrant suburbs like Newtown, Glebe, Annandale and Chippendale. Many universities provide online database for helping students through the search of their off-campus stays. There are a number of independently sponsored housing options available for student enrolling in courses. Make sure, you select the one which is close to your campus, so that you can save a lot of bucks travelling. Many students opt to rent a private property to share it with their friends and classmates. You may move to an existing household or set up an apartment with your friend. There is one con tho, rented properties are mostly unfurnished, so you have to advance in your own furniture and set up a kitchen on your own. Rental agreements generally needs payment of rent in advance, as well as some advance for security payment known as a bond. To get to know about nearby rented properties, don’t forget to check the notice or advisory board in your university and there are some websites which provide relevant information. 
The cost of these rented apartments vary between AUD $170 to $450/week if you are opting individually. However, if you agree to share it with some of your friends, it will cost you AUD $90 to $215/week. Renting a private house with your friends or other students, or joining an established student apartment is a great way to make some new friends and experience the culture and eclectic of Sydney. 

Family Accommodation

There is a third option for accommodation which is known as family-accommodating. Homestay accommodation offers international students with the alternate of living with an Australian family in their home. They can access a single or shared room and cost depends on the type of room. Meals, laundry are included in the cost and this type of accommodation is quite popular with secondary schools and for those who are moving to Australia for short term courses. The accommodation service of Australian institutions usually make a register of reputable and approved homestay provider. The average cost of family accommodation and homestay are around AUD 240 to AUD 300.
Another option is to opt for boarding hostels which are completely catered which implies that cleaning, meals and laundry service are provided on the house. Boarding hostels may also offer social activities, academic tutoring and a supportive family system. Tuition fees are mostly included within the yearly boarding fee. On average, boarding houses fee vary around AUD $11,000 to $22,000 per year

student accommodation in Australia


Melbourne, a coastal city in Southern Australia is home to almost three hundred thousand students with 8 universities operating. Around 1/3rd of the students pursuing university courses are from abroad. Some of the major universities in Melbourne, Australia are Monash University, The University Of Melbourne, Victoria University and RMIT University. If you are planning to move to one of these universities, there is a range of student accommodation available. With choices ranging from partnered accommodations to dedicated university-owned spaces. Most of the universities have student housing service which can provide several information about their student housing plans. They can also provide you with suggestions on your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, help you referring financial support if required and provide city transportation system. The University of Melbourne offers a guaranteed university accommodation to all UG students. 
Students can also opt for residential colleges which are home to rich heritage diverse community of students all over Australia and the world. Student village, Melbourne is another alternate which offers accommodation for student whose campuses close to their campuses. Here are some of other residential options you can opt depending on cost, availability and time of your course. 

Summer Stays

Some of the course are short-terms such as certification, English summer course. For students who require a short term stay at Melbourne, you can avail short term stays at locations such as Brunswick and Melbourne city centre. If you are confused on what location, would be best for your stay, one can take a temporary stay here and move out to permanent stay later. The cost of these short term stays vary from AUD $260 to $400


Choosing a homestay will provide you with an opportunity to reside with a local host and experience city life. You can immerse yourself with Melbourne day-to-day staying with someone who have already stayed here for years. If you pick such an option, one can be a guest at Melbourne personnel’s home and live along with them. This is such a great way to get to know new people and introduce a Melbourne lifestyle in your life. There are a number of reputed and approved agencies whom you can contact to find a perfect homestay that meets all your requirements. Each agencies have their own set of application process and you are required to contact them to discover how to apply for homestay. The cost of Melbourne Homestay vary from AUD $160 to AUD $400/week

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Adelaide is southern cosmopolitan city situated at the ring of River Torrens and home to around 1,00,000 university students pursuing their dream courses. Some of the most renowned universities are The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders and Torrens University. These universities understand that accommodation of Adelaide plays a greater role in academic success. The University of Adelaide provides access to a range of accommodating options such as University-managed student accommodation, student residencies and boarding stays. Here are some of the resident options at Adelaide which are mentioned below:

The Student Village of Adelaide

The planned village is the largest of University managed student residential location situated in Adelaide’s main business district in the Chinatown precinct and central market. The village provides student a well-balanced university lifecycle and community living. The pricing of residing at “The Village of Adelaide” varies at AUD $250 to $400 depending on the facilities and shared/individual room. 

Roseworthy Residential College

Roseworthy residential college offers accomodation which is only available to students whose campuses are outskirt of city. It’s 50km north of the Adelaide city and offers student On-living Campuses. 

Mattanya Student Residency

Mattanya is comprised of a residency who is home to students of four universities situated in North Adelaide. It’s just fifteen-minute walk to north campus and just five minutes from restaurant precinct. The residency of Mattanya offer convenient, comfortable and independent living in a nice, quiet suburban location. When you try to secure a place at the residency of Mattanya, you will be allocated a room within four and five-bedroom residence.  The average cost per person for a year is around AUD $12,480 along with AUD $500 as a security deposit. The exceptional value for this residence includes access to unlimited wireless internet and fully furnished dwelling and all the essential utilities. You can pay the accommodation fee in two instalments circles of April and September. 

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