What is Academic Writing | Structure and Characteristics

Today, we are going to learn about academic writing. Many students have been trying to understand the real concept of academic writing for many years. There are certain measures that you need to take in order to write good academic writing. There are many types of academic writing. Any writing practice or assignment given to you during the time of your college or masters could be termed as academic writing. 

We will go into a deeper understanding of it. You will learn to know what it takes to write competent academic writing. When you are writing an academic paper, you have to be very careful with your tone. It should be kept as simple as possible. You would never know what kind of reader is going to approach your paper. 

You should make every attempt to make your paper easy to comprehend by any reader. It should also be informative enough to deliver the knowledge or statements of you. There are many aspects to it. You will be guided through a subtle way in this article.

What is Academic Writing

Academic writing is just as its name suggests, is a form of writing that is written in a formal way. So it could be reachable to all kinds of readers. It is necessary to keep it simple yet it should be compact of all the information. 

You should be able to deliver the information in a concise manner. It is very important that it should be too elaborate yet it should explain all the points sufficiently enough. 

When you are writing an academic paper, it tests your intelligence in so many ways. The paper should reflect your consistency and quality. The paper written by you is going to demonstrate your academic level and experience. 

Only an experienced writer can write something that could be persistent and deliver the best quality writing. There are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind before you start writing. First thing is that you need to be absolutely honest about what you are intending to communicate. 

The statements and arguments that you present in your writing must be rational and unbiased in all kinds. Always remember, you are not writing your personal diary, you are going to write an academic paper. It will get published and read by so many readers. 

So, your writing must be more like reporting. You should be open-minded enough to comprehend and interpret the things just the way they are. It shouldn’t be as if you are reporting the content that is abided by your emotions. Do not let your emotions come in your way. 

Your emotions are definitely going to make your writing biased at some point. Therefore, rational thinking is very important. Your motive should be simple. By the time you finish your writing, make sure you have clearly made all your points. The language used in your writing should be able to convey the concepts of the subject clearly. 

Generally, the kind of academic paper depends on the type of disciple you belong from. The level of your study and instructions given by your professor or teacher. Of course, the convention of your disciple decides what kind of vocabulary that needs to be chosen in your writing.

Let us study further about the characteristics of an academic paper

Characteristics of Academic Writing

There could a long list of characteristics of academic paper but you are going to learn the most basic and important characteristics. All the requirements of writing an academic paper are mentioned in the following points below

  • Focus
  • Structure
  • Evidence
  • Tone


The academic paper could be based on anything. As it has been mentioned already, it basically depends on your disciple and your professor’s instructions. Your professor might ask you to focus your thesis based on the subject. The subject could be based on any topic or argument. It could also be a research question that has been very famously preached by many scholars and researchers. 

You might want to add some contextual statements in your paper. It is recommended to use some background information as well. Whatever the case might be, each and every statement in your paper, whether it may be contextual or an argument. It should relate back to the original thesis idea. Do not get lost in between. Always remember to maintain the originality of your content. 

Sometimes, it happens when you are trying to make a firm understanding in one of your points. You tend to keep repeating the same point. That creates redundancy. Redundancy in your writing is not good for its quality. If you want to make a firm understanding then you should support your statements with quotes from a famous book or journal. It works in a better way. 


As you might have heard this many times before, the structure of the paper makes a big difference. You may have a lot of content but the way you arrange them and present them changes everything. There are many applications of academic paper. It could be a dissertation or a reflection paper. The structure of every type of academic paper differs from one another. 

The key is to structure your paper logically. Keep your points straight. The best way to make sure the reader’s engagement in your paper in to structure your paper in the best way. The reader should not get lost in between. The paper should be hassle-free to read. There are only a few elements of academic that needs to be taken care of. 

A paper basically consists of 3 basic elements. Introduction, body, results and conclusion. 

The introduction always gives a brief about the whole thesis. It contains a slight insight into the scope of your paper. You can also choose to include some background information in the introduction. 

The body contains the core knowledge of the entire essay or thesis. Make sure you demonstrate each and every findings, statements and question in an elaborate manner. You expand your explanation in the body. Here you get the opportunity to explain all your statements as much as possible. You make sure you have explained everything sufficiently enough. 

The conclusion is the part where you provide suggestions and solutions to the problems mentioned in the content. Once you have shared the results and facts. You make an understanding out of it and conclude everything. The conclusion is the most important part without which your paper couldn’t be complete. 


Evidence is the most crucial part of your academic paper. Any academic paper demonstrates knowledge. In your writing, you provide some hard facts and statements. You also put forth your arguments and research questions. They will soon get published. So, if you want to gain the confidence of the reader, you should provide evidence for every statement. 

All the statements and arguments should be supported by enough evidence or sufficient examples. Without evidence, your content will never get the best approval. 

Evidence should always be collected from authenticated resources. The source should be a trusted source. Make sure you are able to back your arguments and opinions with enough proof. There are many ways of collecting evidence. You can use some scholarly website. You can refer to the famous journals written for the purpose of literary analysis. Also, it is recommended to refer to some of the published books. 

The most important contribution of evidence is that it gives authenticity and credibility to your content. 


Now that you have learnt what to write and what to add. It is time for you to learn how to write. The tone that you use in the writing is everything. You have to keep your tone formal and at the same time, it should be interactive. It is very important for your academic paper.

Your content must be able to communicate your arguments and thesis precisely. Your statements should be logical and here, your approach should be a little objective. You present things from an objective point of view. 

In your research, there could be a point where you would have agreed or disagreed with some of the statement. You put forward your research questions based on that. Make sure it is not biased. Whether you personally agree or disagree, your tone should sound focusing you are making your point right. 

Remember, you are reporting the thesis and not making personal opinions. Also, try to make your writing constructive and informative. Some beginners commit the blunder of using phrases or words that don’t relate to the thesis. Just because you have assumed some phrases will make your writing more academic, you shouldn’t use them.

You should be very honest with your writing. Your intentions should be very clear and concise. Why it is being asked to focus strong vocabulary unnecessary because it might be interpreted by the reader differently. The reader might get twisted. This will only make the reader lose confidence in you. 

Special areas of Academic Writing

  • Dissertation Writing
  • Academic Writing Essay
  • Research Paper
  • Assignment Writing
  • Thesis Writing

Dissertation Writing

The form of writing is the most complex and lengthy of all academic writing. In the field of writing, the dissertation is considered the extreme level of writing. One needs a lot of patience and effort to deliver the form of writing. There are several elements involved in a dissertation. 

The main elements are introduction, literature review, methodology, results and conclusions, plus there are other elements too. Any student has to have a different kind of approach for these parts. 

You can also consider it to be the final hurdle of our course. This could be the final assessment given to you. It tests all your intelligence and learning outcomes. 

Academic Writing Essay

Essay writing is the most common form of writing. It usually contains a word-count of up to 2500 – 3000. You can be assigned with any subject related to your disciple and asked to write a well-defined essay on it. 

It is not that difficult as long as you know what you are going to write. There is not much research to conduct but you have to keep it intact and appealing. It might seem easy but if you want to excel on it, you have to work a little harder than you anticipate. 

Research Paper

Research paper, on the other hand, is an extended version of essay writing. You have to conduct research on an original paper and present your views and arguments based on that. It requires more effort than a simple essay writing. 

Any statement that you put forward should be backed by enough evidence. Just like any other academic paper, it requires a sufficient amount of evidence to support your thesis. You can’t just simply go on writing a research paper. 

You have to analyse the work of the original author. After your analysis, you interpret your research findings and draw a good conclusion out of it. 

Assignment Writing

It is the most common assessment given to any student during every period of their university course. It is more like a homework assigned by your professor to scrutinize your learning outcomes.  

Generally, it is given at the end of every chapter of your syllabus. Assignment writing could get complex on the basis of your disciple. You will be monitored extensively by your professor. You should have a little skillset of doing research on your own. 

Read our blog entry on reflective writing to learn more about the topic. It is really helpful for the students in Australia as you get to work on reflective assignments as soon as you start your classes.

Be careful, the main challenge is to write clearly about your learning outcomes in your own language with zero exception. You may also be asked to write an assignment on report writing. You can refer to our blogs to get the best help for report writing techniques.

Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing is one of the most complex and lengthy forms of writing that comes after the dissertation. In some parts of the world, thesis and dissertation are considered all the same. You might be wondering to know the exact difference between a thesis and a dissertation. 

Thesis paper is generally up to 15,000 – 20,000 words just like a dissertation but a dissertation can go up to 50,000, which is why it is given this terminology. 

Just like any other academic writing, thesis requires a deep surge into the given topic or subject. You perform research on the particular subject and interpret it in your own way. It is generally assigned to the students studying at graduation or master’s level. 

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Do’s and don’ts in academic writing

Academic writing is basically a formal style of writing which is used in Universities and the education domain. The main aim of academic writing is to help students with their academic sources. It also helps them in learning their course by writing. In colleges and universities, you have to write research papers, dissertation writing, assignment writing and many other kinds of writing.


  • Academic writing should be formal. The goal of academic writing is to base the arguments on the basis of arguments and shreds of evidence. So don’t just write anything make sure you do proper research before writing.
  • Academic writing should be clear. Avoid using the words “Perhaps”, “Maybe” as it will show that you are not enough confident in your writing. Otherwise, your readers will not give much importance to your writing.
  • It should be well-structured, focused and have a clear purpose. So that your reader will understand it by just one reading. Only include the information that will relevant to your real purpose.
  • You should use well-sources in academic writing to support the claims. Always make sure to cite your sources from the relevant sources. Don’t rely on websites for the best information, instead try to use academic databases. Also, use your university library to find the best and credible sources.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your academic writing. Make sure you always do proofread twice or thrice before submitting your academic paper to your professor.


  • Academic writing should avoid being too personal. But you can talk about the authors at some points such as acknowledgments or in personal reflection. But your focus should be on the research itself.
  • Don’t just stretch your content. Many students think writing an academic paper means long-winded but this isn’t a good approach. You should be direct and clear towards your content.
  • An academic text is different from other types of writings such as marketing, journalistic. So make sure you avoid appeals to emotion and inflated claims. The main point of writing academic content is to clearly communicate the ideas, arguments and provide information to the students.

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