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Accounting is one of the most important aspects of today’s business world. As an accountant, you need to perform various tasks that provide essential growth to the business. Accountants perform various roles in an organization as a strategic advisor and business partner who is well versed in all the business issues and processes.

As an account, you must have the capability to make necessary decisions whenever it’s required. Accounting studies will help you to understand the financial structure of any business, organization, and analyze financial information. 

If you are a student and interested to have a career opportunity in accounting then choosing accounting course work from the University of Melbourne can fulfill all your requirements of having good academics. And help you to have in-depth knowledge about this major.

Today in this blog post we are going to discuss the complete academic structure of the accounting coursework University of Melbourne. We will help you to know why this university is quite popular for accounting course work.
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Why study accounting? 

Accounting provides various career opportunities to the students who want to play a crucial role in driving organizational success amidst the rapidly developing world. With the help of accounting, you can develop good analytical reasoning and data skills. And have the capability to make sound and strategic decisions for the business. 

Why study accounting in Melbourne? 

  • Melbourne is quite popular for providing top quality coursework accounting programs. This university helps students to get strong graduate employability outcomes. 
  • You get an opportunity to learn financial information and improve resource allocation by enrolling yourself in the accounting coursework university of Melbourne. 
  • You can develop a critical understanding of finance and accounting. And learn about its various factors and function in modern economics. 
  • By studying accounting in Melbourne you can have good knowledge of tools of measurement and valuation. You can also develop the art of communication. This is the reason why Melbourne is a hub for the accounting course work program. 

What will you study? 

In academics, you will have complete knowledge about the financial structure of any organization. And how you should proceed, analyze, and audit financial data. You will also work on the areas by which you can develop your knowledge of business strategy issues and processes. 

You also need to work with various accounting assignments in your academics which not only help you to improve knowledge about accounting but also evaluate your academic growth.

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The major structure of accounting course work program

The first two years of your academics are quite challenging for you. You need to complete accounting major prerequisite subjects, breadth subject and need to have knowledge about the subjects for accreditation as an accountant. In the final year, you will study a mix of major subjects and commerce electives. 

The reason why students face most of the academic challenges during the first two years of their academics. As they are in the learning stage and they don’t have a better understanding of the subjects. Due to this, they are unable to cope up with the academic task of writing related to the assignments, thesis, and dissertations. 

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The major structure of accounting course work program

Professional accreditation recognition

For having accounting membership you need to add some accounting subjects in your first year. These subjects will vary but include corporate law, taxation law 1, and the principle of business law.

Breadth studies

With the help of the Melbourne model, you get an opportunity to explore subjects or disciplines outside of commerce and accounting. 

Double majors

Students get an opportunity to do double major by which they can combine any of two accounting economics, finance, and marketing subjects.

Sample course plan

Go through some sample course plans which will help you to decide which subject should you choose.

Course plan for accounting majors is listed below: 

Year 1 (100 points)

Semester 1

  • Introductory microeconomics  (ECON10004)
  • Quantitative methods 1 (ECON10005)
  • Accounting report and analysis (ACCT10001)
  • Principle of business law (BLAW10001)

Semester 2

  • Introductory microeconomics (ECON10003)
  • Principle of finance (FNCE 10002)
  • Introductory financial accounting (ACCT 10002)

Year 2 (100 points)

Semester 1

  • Organization behavior (MGMT 20001)
  • Quantitative methods 2 (ECON 20003)
  • Cost management (ACCT20001)
  • Corporate law  (BLAW20001)

Semester 2

  • Accounting information: risk and controls (ACCT20007)
  • Intermediate financial accounting (ACCT20002)

Year 3 (100 points)

Semesters 1

  • Financial accounting theory (ACCT30001)
  • Enterprise performance management (ACCT30002 )

Semester 2 

  • Auditing and assurance service (ACCT30004)
  • Taxation law (BLAW30002)

Future career opportunities after successfully completing accounting course work from the University of Melbourne

You can have a lot of career opportunities in a variety of organizations and industries such as financial institutions, government, investment, banking, management, risk management, and many more.

Career outcomes

At the initial stage of your career, you will get the opportunity in the following sectors as a:

After completing 5 to 10 year you will process to roll such as:

  • Senior consultant
  • Senior auditor
  • Senior accountant
  • Manager

After completing 15 to 20 year you could be successful:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Director
  • Partner

Graduate pathways for accounting

With the help of accounting course work, you will be prepared for a wide range of professions.  This coursework provides you various professional specialization pathways inside or outside of your discipline

Some of graduate study options based on business and economics are listed below:

  • Master of accounting
  • Master of finance
  • Master of business analytics
  • Master of international business
  • Master of management
  • Master of Applied Econometrics
  • Master of entrepreneurship



With the help of Honours, you can have the opportunity by which you can draw together your undergraduate studies. And focus on an exciting piece of original research, thesis, and accomplice advanced level subjects

Doctoral programs

If you want to become an industry expert in accounting you can further study at Melbourne business school.

This business school offers a doctoral program in accounting which involves two year master of commerce and three year Ph.D. research. 


This is the complete academic structure of accounting coursework University of Melbourne. I hope this blog post is informative enough to resolve all your doubts and query related to this university and its accounting course work.   

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