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The Australian Universities and Higher Education in 2019; the required reforms for 2020

Australia’s higher education consists of Universities and college institutions which play an important role in driving productivity, fueling innovations and offering students the essential skills they need for workforce and business. There are a total of 125 higher education institutes recognized by the Australian Government. A total number of 43 universities which host more than 1 million students. Moreover, these universities employ more than 1,00,000 faculties and staff. Some of these universities are internationally recognized for their quality education, research, and training.

Higher education peak body consists of Go8 (Group of eight), The Australian Network of Universities, Universities Australia, the Council of Private Higher Education, the regional network of universities and Innovative Universities of research. The main element of Higher education is Group of Eight, which consist of the country’s oldest educational institutes and consistently ranked institutes.

In this blog, we will discuss how these universities performed last year in 2019 based on various ranking parameters such as infrastructure, academic & employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, proportion of international student and more. Due to Word constraint, we are unable to discuss about each university, but we tried to sum up some of the top ones for you. Our list is based on the two most followed university ranking which are QS World Ranking and Times Higher education world ranking.

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The Statistics of Australian University

According to the QS world ranking system, 37 universities of Austalia have been included in the latest global index university ranking. Seven universities managed to find their spot in the top 100. With context to International students, Australia has the highest ratio of international students per head, a huge number of around 0.8 million students are currently studying in Australian Universities as per 2019. In 2019, 26.7% of the total number of students in Australia in higher education peak bodies were International students. As a result, 5 out of 25 universities managed to beg a spot in Times Higher Education ranking for international students.

One other interesting figure is that Australia is home to some of the youngest top-performing universities. A total number of 16 universities appear in the ranking of top 100 universities which are less than 50-years old. This is a rather high number of younger universities than any other country in the world.

The research & publishing is one of the defining aspect of any university. After all, in order to be recognized as a deemed university, any institution have to publish benchmark research proficiency in at least three disciplines. Australia accounts for almost 3% of the world’s total research output. It’s quite a good number for a country that does not even constitute 0.5% of the total world population. This implies that Australian universities are fared up pretty well, with over 15 noble laureates in the last century.

Consistently Ranked Australian Universities

The following is a list of consistently ranked Australian Universities that currently appears in QS & Times World ranking of institutes. If you are planning to pursue a course in one of the Australian University, we suggest you to read our detailed blog on “top universities of Australia“.

University of Melbourne

QS WORLD RANKING 2020: 38th; Overall Score:79.5

TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD RANKING 2020: 32nd; Overall Score: 77.8

University of Melbourne is one of the highest-ranked institute with an academic reputation of as high as 99.2%. While in Times World Ranking, the university has an impressive overall score of 77.8. The university consistently ranks under the top 40 on both the list. The university has improved its ranking gradually since 2014. Established in 1853, this university aims to create a public-spirited institutions to provide degree courses in research & training. The university employs more than 8,000 domestic and international employees. Currently, around 52,000 students are pursuing their choice of course at the University of Melbourne, with almost 20,000 international students. So if you are looking to pursue some course in this university, you will have a reach to a diverse and global community.

University of Melbourne

On a side note, Melbourne is a great city to live in. The city has been awarded as “world’s most livable city” sixth time in a row. In case you are looking for some information regarding accomodation in Melbourne, give a read to our detailed guide.

Australian Universities and Higher education

Australian National University

QS WORLD RANKING: 29th; Overall Score:82.1

TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD RANKING 2020: 50th; Overall Score: 72.1

Despite its bad performance in last two years, this university is ranked as one of the highest world-leading center for research and education. The University features a groundbreaking course in social and physical science. Located in the suburbs of Canberra, the university offers a range of most innovative courses, recruiting opportunities and direct access to top-researchers. It has an outstanding record for graduate employability and student satisfaction.

As an international student, if you are looking to apply you can apply for 2nd round of admissions which is currently open and will end by the starting of May 2020. With a comparison to the University of Melbourne, ANU has fewer students, almost half. The university is home to more than 8,000 international students.


University Of Sydney

QS WORLD RANKING 2020: 42nd; Overall Score:77.8


With a great academic reputation of 97.5, this is one of the top university in Australia. The university offers a reimagined UG programs, inspirational academics, world-class facilities, and a vibrant campus life. It is a perfect place for students to attain highly recognized and preferred qualification. The university offers a global community with more than 70,000 students and employs more than 7000 staff. With an estimate faculty: student ratio of 23.6, the university shows an impressive record for graduate employability.

The university offers a range of 34-award winning programs ranging from diploma graduate certificate to doctorate specialization. Apart from college, Sydney is home to a number of iconic tourist destination such as exotic Bondi Beach and Opera house. If you are a backpacker, you should give a read to our resource on the list of the exhilarating tourist destination in Australia.

University of Sydney

The University Of New-South Wales

QS WORLD RANKING 2020: 43rd; Overall Score: 77.1

TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD RANKING 2020: 71st; Overall Score: 65.9

Other than the University of Sydney, Sydney is also the host of another top university- UNSW. University of New South Wales is the most favorable university for law aspirants. The university has drastically improved its ranking since 2012 when it was positioned at 173. The university is forefront for ground-breaking research and clever ideas. The main focus of this university is to stay committed to pioneer research and prepare students for a competitive workforce. The university consistently ranks under 50 in QS World ranking for universities. The campus is located seven kilometers from the center of Sydney, on a 38-hectare site. The university offers a range of UG, PG and doctorate courses to more than 60,000 students from 130 countries.

University Of New South Wales

University of Queensland

QS WORLD RANKING 2020: 47th; Overall Score: 75.7

TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION WORLD RANKING 2020: 66th; Overall Score: 67.4

For more than a century, The University of Queensland has maintained a global reputation for creating a positive outcome by creating a bold leadership in business and marketing. UQ has won more prestigious university award than any other Australian institute. The University of Queensland has a commitment to making a bright future by aiming a crucial sector such as IT. The university is equipped with SEC (Student Employability Centre), which offers students with job opportunities and employability support. The University has improved its stance gradually with its dedicated skill training and research programs. The university offers UG & PG programs in Architecture, Science, health & behavioral science and more. One other factor of pursuing your course at the University of Queensland is its city- Brisbane and alluring beaches of the Gold coast. You can stay there for years and still won’t feel anything mundane or boring.

University of Queensland

On an external note, the students who have already completed undergraduate can visit our guide for master’s. Our editors have curated this blog to offer you complete information about Master’s in Australia and their job prospects.

The proposed Australian government policy-2020 toward higher education

Australian higher education system is certainly better than most of the countries but to date, still, there is a lack of cohesive and end-to-end review system. While many aspects of the Australian Higher education system are outstanding, Still some measures do not indicate the optimum performance. Investment through the tertiary sector is one of the positive aspects of the Country’s economy. The funding in higher education has increased to more than 82%, which sums up around 9 billion/year.

But the Australian education system fails to operate a cohesive whole; it relies on dual funding of State governments, the Commonwealth grant scheme, and the higher education Loan Program. Student-related public funding for higher education is around 9 billion/year. However, the board-level governance and committee affect the funding using multiple layers of influence. The state should bring some initiative or new policies to make the whole funding transparent.

A 2010 OECD report suggests that improving the educational performance, and bringing a set of educational reforms can boost up Australia’s economy by 200% over a period of 90 years. Although tertiary funding has increased drastically over the past decade, still there is always room for improvement. Irrespective of the fact that a significant proportion of international students, a large number of graduates struggle to find jobs in their domain.

The essential Initiatives for Australian Education System

Here are some of the initiatives the government should take to reform Australian Higher Education:

  • They need to invest more in high-schools and higher education so that students get motivate towards college institutions. The study suggests that a 15-year kid who has attended ECE tends to perform well in PISA(program for international students assessment).
  • The performance of Australian Students is strongly in relation to their socio-economical status. The Australian government should bring new initiatives to close down the gap between all disadvantaged groups and met minimum standards of achievement.
  • Educational reforms in the past two decades in Australia was some extent politically driven. The Australian government should bring reforms in schools, ECEC, Vocational education and training, and Australian Higher education system.

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