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Travelling nomadic? Budget-travelling destination in Australia for college broke students.

If you are one of the international students or backpacker looking for a vacation, how about travelling to the beautiful continent of Australia and experience its rich culture and beaches. We understand that student travel & backpackers tend to be on much tighter budgets than for other types of travellers. The average daily cost to travel through Australia is around AU$ 188 ($130). But with our budgeted approach of travel, you can bring it down to just AU$ 71/day ($49/day). That’s why we will be focusing this blog on the list of budgeted trips for students in Australia who are currently pursuing their course and are looking for to rejuvenate themselves from hectic schedule. You can also read our Accommodation in Australia guide for finding a permanent place closer to travel destination.

For some cost-friendly ideas, we will capture the timeless spots like experiencing the Australian Wildlife in Tasmania & Magnetic Island to wander barefoot through sand bask on the Australian Beaches, we have got it all covered.

The list for budgeted trip for students in Australia is written by Nick Anderson, An environmentalist and Geographical freelancing writer from He helps students from Melbourne and other cities with their academic writing based on Humanities.

1. Sand bask on the Beaches of Brisbane

Brisbane is referred as ‘Bris-vegas’ by former US president Barak Obama for its beautiful down-town precincts and sand beaches. Brisbane was crowned as best-backpacker accommodation city in Australia 2016. Whether it’s watching the latest blockbuster under the stars at Yatala 3 drive-in theatre or basking in the sunlight at Brisbane City YHA’s rooftop pool and experiencing breathtaking city skyline, the city has got everything to offer. You can visit the local Rocklea market to find real deal on deli goods, collectibles and plants.

Brisbane beaches

Don’t panic if you over shop, eat like a king at with Bunk Brisnae’s free cereal and free-flow toast breakfast. The average hotel price in Brisbane for a couple is around AU$ 62/day, but you can find good deals if you plan and book in advance. Book a hostel or Airbnb instead of going for luxury suits. To save a more, you can choose to use public transport or shared car services and truly live the spirit of a backpacker.

2. Experience Pop-up Business in Melbourne

When we think of the coastal city of Melbourne, we get a picture of uptown restaurants and cafes. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Victorian influence is still evident today in the town’s architecture. Don’t book an Uber to travel, instead, save money by using the world’s largest and developed tram system. Ensure that you use their official journey planner app to navigate the city without any hurdle. Visit their vast spectrum of markets like Captain of Industry and Camberwell Sunday Market and experience the real Melbourne Lifestyle.

To save your money on accommodation, you can choose to stay and dine at Normads All National Hostel or Melbourne Central YHA. They offer a top-notch 24-hour accommodation service and their hostel’s aesthetics are worth a mention. We suggest you to not miss the humble feast breakfast served by Captain of Industry and indulge in their Victorian-style dining & Hairdressing. Melbourne is also home to some of the top universities of Australia like University of Melbourne and RMIT. That’s the reason it is home to more than 3,00,000 students and hub of travellers from all around the world. You can find many cheap/shared hostels where you can live up the city vibe of Melbourne.

The best thing about Melbourne is there are a lot of cheap pop-up ventures like recyclable greenhouse by Joost Bakker. You may witness a simple shipping container turn into an classy open bar on a parking lot which serves cheap drinks. You can save a lot by flying to the main cities such as Melbourne or Sydney in case you are visiting from Europe or North America. So plan your journey from flying to one of the main cities at the start of your vacation and then hitch your rides to other destinations.

3. Witness Wildlife in Sydney

Although zoos and wildlife sanctuaries are slightly costlier in Australia. Still, you can catch the glimpse of wildlife in their natural habitat. The Taronga Zoo in Sydney offers the world-class establishment and best views of wildlife as compared to other Zoos in Australia. Sydney, as a city, have a lot to offer in case you want to click some best shots to frieze the moment. From Bondi beach to opera house to other not-so-mainstream locations like Sydney’s most underrated location-Bronto Beach, the city is filled with exotic and easeful locations. Bronte beach is almost a quarter of the size of mainstream Bondi beach but known for its surfing location. If you are visiting Bronte Beach, don’t forget to visit Bogey-hole cafe that serve Salvador Sydney coffee and Homemade teas.

To witness the old city culture, you must visit Olympia Milk Bar, a 78-year-old dusty cafe which depicts Sydney’s love affair with Milk Bars. For accomodation, you should pick Nate’s place or Bounce Sydney that provide backpacking hostel for a cheap price. They isn’t just like some normal backpacking hostel, they have more to offer with every night activities from Karaoke sessions to Hipster Parties.

The biggest mistake travellers do when travelling Australia is booking their domestic flight with major airline corporations such as Virgin or Qantas. Don’t get me wrong, they are great airlines, but if you are planning for a budgeted trip, we suggest you to go for low-cost carriers such as Jetstar or Scoot Airways. To compare your flights, choose Australia’s WebJet or Skyscanner to find awesome discounts on flights. Sydney is host to one of the biggest free festivals such as “Vivid Sydney”, best option to experience rich Aussie Culture.

tourist destination in Sydney

4. Indulge Yourself in the rich history of lake Mungo National park

Lake Mungo National Park is one of the most iconic and impressive natural site of Australia. Despite being so easily accessible, it’s doesn’t receive half of the recognition it deserves. If you are a history enthusiast, this site will certainly intimate you for its indigenous history. Further reaching north in the lake region, Willandra, you can witness as many as 450 footprints which date back to 20,000 years ago. Currently, the site is managed by NSW park and wildlife services, which play a crucial part for appearances of Lake Mungo and their fascinating stories.

Mungo national Park

To get around lake Mungo, we suggest you hop on a ride on a tour bus. There are currently two major bus services: Oz Experience and Greyhound Australia which offer hop-on/hop-off bus packages to travel all the way to Lake mungo. Their packages start from as low as $149, depending on the distance and bus facilities. The facilities include USB Chargers, free Wi-fi, panoramic view and Leather reclining seats-talk about travelling in comfort.

5. Spend an easeful evening Levitating over Mary Rivers

If you are seeking a spiritual journey and roots to connect to your inner self, then you must visit an evening on the swamps of Mary Rivers. They form a beautiful ecosystem filled with eccentric beauty. To get an amazing soothing experience, book your ride with Bamuuru Airboats. The soothing view will offer you an adrenaline rush as you listen to cacophonous noise emitted by nature. In contrary, if you want to avoid hopping crickets, dragonflies and jumping frogs, just sit at the back of your ride. This two-night safari is completely affordable and provide accomodation on their own. So make sure to add this in your bucket list in case you visit Australia in the near future.

6. Adelaide’s perfect beach escape

People who have complains about time-taking rides, they won’t find much to complain about in Adelaide, known as highly accessible “20-minute city”. Even you can reach City’s airport in just 20 minutes. Visit Semaphore beach- a beach filled with hundreds of fun activities, fun rides and breathtaking views. The best part-steam train which slithers down the water slides and puffs along the shoreline.

Staying cheap is also accessible, just book a bunk bed in Backpack Oz or Glenelg Beach Hostel. With free breakfast, high ceilings and open fireplaces, you will just love coming back to your relaxing bunk bed after a hectic day at the beach. The Backpacker Oz claim to offer the best free BBQ in Australia every first Tuesday of the month. A beer will cost you as low as AU$ 4/pint, what more you can expect! If you are looking for a bicycle-friendly hippie culture, Adelaide is your city!

Adelaide also offer a chain of their renowned market and cafes. You should try Singapore House to fulfil your long craving for authentic Singaporean cuisine. The Adelaide central market offers one of the largest underground fresh produce markets in Southern Australia.

7. Discover Australia’s horizontal Falls

If you can spare a little more for your trip to Australia, you can get a seaplane adventure to witness the majestic Horizontal falls. You can experience the enormous mountain tides around 9 to 13 meters high flowing through intriguing gorges. The administration also offer an overnight stay at boathouse including meals. These horizontal falls are described as one of the greatest marvels of the natural world by famous naturalist David Attenborough.

Horizontal falls australia

To book a full-day tour of Broome, we suggest you to book in advance so that you can compare and get additional discounts.

8. Surf, Sun and Sand at Gold Coast

We know we have already talked about Brisbane, but your journey to Australian continent is incomplete without travelling to the famous “Gold Coast”. There is so many things to do in gold coast, that you won’t find it boring even if you have spent a whole month. Gold coast is famous for its sky-rise towers and long sandy beaches. The most famous beaches are surfer paradise & Burleigh. If you have limited time & money to spend, don’t waste your time and hire a kayak, surfboard or paddleboard and indulge in City’s beach culture.

Gold Coast beach

You should visit its village market located at the Burleigh heads and beach, on the first and third Sunday of every month. Take help from many websites such as GumTree or Hostel noticeboards to share a car to the next destination city. This will not only save you some bucks, but you could also earn a travelling buddy.

9. Perth’s sunny weather

Although you can’t seem to find snow in the sunny weather of Perth’ an isolated capital of Australia. Still, it’s host to many winter sports activities and enriched with cultural heritage. If you love good old Australian wine, take a scenic tour to Perth’s most beautiful vineyard by riding a bike to city outskirts at 18 km.

For accomodation, you can find Wickham Retreat Backpackers which have a reputation for its good vibe. They won’t let you feel like a stranger there. However, the continent is so massive and magnificent that it can’t be summed up in words. Just visit Australia and rediscover yourself.

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