Charter Schools In Australia 2020 – Yes or No?

What are charter schools? 

Charter Schools can be considered as private schools that operate solely by it their own officials. They are funded by the government or publicly. However, they are not entitled to answer to any entity about their operations and management. Today MyAssignmentHelperOnline will provide a great insight into this topic.

They are only answerable for the results. There is a lot of debate going between people of Australia regarding the Charter Schools. Some people believed that Charter Schools should work directly under the jurisdiction of the Australian Government. These private schools should be given authority to set up their fee. 

So far many groups and institutions are requesting the establishment of charter schools in Australia. Some of the governments related to states and territory want to handle the education systems by themselves. However, the involvement of the Australian Government is acting as a hindrance in their path. That is why they are asking to re-instate Charter Schools in Australia and they should be opened with for-profit organizations.

Overview Of The Topic

Well, it is not easy to make a conclusion about this debate instantly. We need to understand the working of charter schools in different countries. Every country has its own methods of operating a charter school. We need to find which country has the best methods. Based on that we can compare the governing system of these charter schools with the Australian Charter School system.

We need to analyse all the facets one by one. Only then we would be able to make a reliable and sensible conclusion about whether charter schools should be left with their methods and operations. Or the Australian Government should be taking the whole management in their hands. 

Public or Private Schools? 

Some people suggest that private and public schools are different from one another. Public schools are funded by the Government. Private schools are private organizations that do not operate on the basis of Government Funding. However, Private and Public schools in Australia are considered the same.

Furthermore, some people have this misconception that these private or public schools are funded by the public. Hence, they are entitled to be transparent about their operation to the public. 

Australian Schools

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Australia. These charter schools are funded by the government directly. The financial support to manage the cost of operation and management is completely given by the Australian Government. The tuition fee is collected from the parents or students by these charter schools. 

Now, here lies the inconspicuous truth about the nature of these charter schools. These schools are getting enough funds from the government and yet, they have to take tuition fee from the parents too. This makes a lot of things compromised about the charter schools. There are very selected schools in Australia that are charter schools. Only selected students are able to get admission to these schools.

Different School Systems

It has been noticed that the tuition fee for these schools is higher than the normal school. Therefore, only the students with good financial background and support are able to afford these schools. These schools promise the public to provide a better education than any other institution. So, people with good money choose to admit their children in these schools regardless of the charge. 

Every country has many numbers of chartered schools. They operate through different methods. We need to contemplate the advantages and discrepancies in these Charter Schools to know what needs to be done. We can use some of the ideas from the most successful Charter Schools. This will help us to understand the better alternatives to operate Charter Schools in Australia. 


The first charter school legislation was enacted in the year 1994. There were a couple of schools created in 1995 under the legislation of Canda. There were initially 3 schools namely The New Horizon, The Centre For Academic And Personal Excellence and The Suzuki Charter School. 

These charter schools completely fall under the jurisdiction of the government. They are not even entitled to charge tuition fee from students. Also, any association of the school must fully operate on a non-profit basis. There should no affiliation of religion in these schools. The benchmark for quality of education is to be maintained more than average and students’ result directly falls on their responsibility. 

Charter Schools of Cambodia

These schools were introduced in 2015 by an NGO in Cambodia. The name of the organization was the Kampuchean Action For Primary Education. It is directly supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the ministry of education. The schools are administered by the non-state heads of society.

The financial support is given by various entities of the society such as the Investors, Government, Stakeholders, Community and other kinds of Philanthropists. The purpose of these charter schools is to provide the best quality education to the students. They are invested to increase the performance of student education. 

Charter Schools


Chile is known for establishing more charter schools in early times. It has a long history with charter schools. It is not quite well known but latest updates started to come from the year 1980. Before that, the schools were standardized by religious churches. Mostly these schools were affiliated with any one of the churches at that time.

Then later Augusto Pinochet created a new reform. The name of the reform was Neoliberal. Through this medium voucher system was created. Anyone who is willing to open a school will be elected through the voucher system. Then the person can run the school and reap the profits for themselves. 

Therefore, we can see that a country like Chile is also concerned about the children’s education. The priority of education has been kept first from the beginning to ensure the success of the country. They could have let the education system at the hands of entrepreneurs. However, they did not take the risk of handing the education system at the hands of people that may potentially harm it.


The tradition of charter schools in Colombia is similar to Chile. So, the charter schools are funded by state-level entities related to religious communities and public funding. However, most of the schools are private schools here. In Colombia, schools are divided into 2 categories – Private and Public Schools.

Private schools are funded by the families of the students and Public Schools are funded through other mediums of the society. They are mostly donations. Furthermore, the quality of education is considered better in Private Schools. Therefore, 60% of the students study in Private schools only. 

England And Wales

Grant-Maintained Schools in England were formed by several local groups of society. They were established in the year 1988. They were independent of the Local School Authority. However, they were abolished later that decade. Then again in the year 1998, they were reinstated under the jurisdiction of Local School Authority. However, they still have most of the autonomy powers. The funding is done mixedly by the local school authority and foundation members. 


Germany has the most organized schooling. All the schools are funded by the government. However, the management and operations of these schools are managed by private collectors. They are allowed to look after the management on the basis of some ground conditions.

The number of pupils supported by families should be in bigger ration than the students will less privilege. Using the schools as a means to self-benefit or business is strictly prohibited in Germany. 85% of the schooling funding is done by the Government of Germany. The level of funding is, however, varied between states to states. 

Hong Kong

There are private schools and DSS schools. The DSS means District Subsidy Scheme. Some of the private schools come under the wing of DSS. However, the syllabus, the student fee, tuition fee and other things are managed by the schools only. The funding is done by DSS. 


Ireland was formerly known for its charter schools since the 1700s. The objective was to provide free education to the children that were intelligent and under-privilege. Also, there was an expectation by many people that it might be a good opportunity to get them converted into protestants. Most of the school funding was collected from charity or government. 

New Zealand

The charter schools in New Zealand were funded from a partnership based between 2 parties. Thus, there is the National Party and the ACT Party. So, both are responsible for the education system in New Zealand. Despite, the full support of governments, the students were not able to get better education due to an increase in drug and alcohol abuse. Absenteeism and poor aptitude in the students.


Just like Sweden, Norway’s has a similar education system. There are charter schools that publicly funded by they are run on a private basis. These schools are named as Friskoler. However, they were dismissed in the year 2007. Now the education system is both governed and funded by the government. 


Norway and Sweden have a similar charter school system that goes by the name Friskoler. Apart from that, it has the school voucher system. So, anyone who is willing to operate a school must take charge of the management on a non-profit basis. 

The United States

The charter school system was introduced a long time ago. It was introduced by the education commission of the states. So, anyone who is operating the charter school has semi-autonomous power over the school management and operational works.

The person running the school will be working on a contractual basis. The contract must get signed by the senate of the district or state. The performance of the school is the entire responsibility of the headmaster that is running it. Depending on the school performance, the contract could be extended and the respective person may receive another voucher. 

The United States is one of the countries that have the best education system. Also, the country has always supported immigrants or International students to study and work in the United States. This has boomed the country at a good level. The reason behind the success of this country’s education systems is understanding. They do understand the importance of education before anything. Therefore, they do not try to make any profit out of it.

 Existence Of Charter Schools In Australia – Yes or No

Various Reports suggest that Australia should be using For-Profit Charter schools for the sake of the country’s economy. The performances of Australian Charter Schools are better than the United States (Charter Schools) and United Kingdom (Academies). 

Well, as we can see in the above methods of different countries, we can see that education is something that builds the foundation of the country. So, the charter schools are given to the children that are under-privileged children that have limited means to seek education. The strong education system is the key to the country’s future.


The Australia, The United States And The United Kingdom are known to provide the best education all over the world. Australia’s education system and management greatly resemble the methods of the United Kingdom itself. The United Kingdom has a long history of the education system. Probably more than any other known country. It is still the most successful one.

All 3 countries have given free education to the students. The constitutions of these countries were primarily built on a strong foundation. The senates of the council were very clear about the education system. Any educational institution should mainly focus on delivering education to all children. The education system shall never be used for the purpose of profit and it should be governed and supervised by the government.

We should be very particular about education. As it determines the future of every country. The fate of the country depends on how well-educated its citizens are. So, we have noticed in many cases. The organizations that use education as a medium of business, the quality of education becomes compromised.  So far the government is doing pretty well in the area of education. It is likely to have a seamless future too. Hence, we should let the existence of charter schools in Australia in 2020.