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Computational biology coursework at university of Melbourne

Did you know we could stop the spread of ebola in 2014 with the help of computational biologists? Computational biology is a subject that helps us to know about the biological cause behind every activity. University of Melbourne computational biologist help to identify the bone of king Richard III when he was found dead. 

Studying computational biology is a combination of mathematics, biology, statistics, and computer science. We can say computational biology is a multidisciplinary major and provide various career opportunities to the students. This is the reason why this course work is getting popular among the students

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What will you study during your computational biology coursework at the University of Melbourne? 

Students will gain in-depth knowledge about subjects such as biology, mathematics, and computer science during their academics. They will learn how they can integrate what they have learned to solve the problem in the field such as evolution, ecology, epidemiology, and system biology. 

Apart from these areas of learning students will also get the opportunity to focus on one of the computational biology’s core disciplines- biological science, mathematics and statistics or computer science

computational-biology-course-work at-the-University-of-Melbourne
Major structure

Major structure

  • You will study this major as part of a Bachelor of Science degree
  • In your 1st and 2nd year of academics, you will study the subject that are prerequisites for your major including computer science, statics, mathematics, genetics and biology subject
  • In the 3rd year of your academics, you will complete 4 subjects and have a specialized study in computational biology
  • During your academics, you will also take electives and breadth subjects. 

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Sample course plan

View some sample course plan that will help you to select the subjects for your specific requirements for this major

Year 1 (100pts)

Semester 1

  • Calculus 2 (MAST10006)
  • Foundations Of Computing (COMP10001)
  • Biology: Life’s Machinery (BIOL10009)

Semester 2

  • Linear Algebra (MAST10007)
  • Foundations Of Algorithms (COMP10002)
  • Biology: Life’s Complexity (BIOL10011)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Foundations Of Genetics And Genomics (GENE20001)
  • Analysis Of Biological Data (MAST20031)
  • Fundamentals Of Cell Biology (CEDB20003)

Semester 2

  • Elements Of Data Processing (COMP20008)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Biological Modelling And Simulation (MAST30032)
  • Concepts In Cell & Developmental Biology (subject code CEDB30002)

Semester 2

  • Case Studies In Computational Biology (BIOL30003)
  • Statistical Genomics (MAST30033)

Career opportunities

Once you complete the computational biology major in the Bachelor of science you can have various career opportunities for career growth or you can go for further study or graduate research. 

Career outcomes

After completing this major you can pursue your career in health and research role within government. And you could find some better career opportunities in the industry of software systems, data science, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. 

Employers in this field include:

  • Medical research institutes such as WEHI, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
  • Government departments of defense, health, innovation, agriculture, environment, and economic development
  • Hospitals such as the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as CSL and GSK
  • Academic and public research institutions such as universities.

Further study

Graduate degree

  • If you want to enhance your Computational biology skills to the next level. You can complete the master of computational biology which will set you up as the industry expert in this field. 
  • You can also so go for the master of science bioinformatics or master of science mathematics and statistics.
  • With the help of this course, you can  participate in a range of other graduate degrees depending on the subject you take in your Bachelor of science such as health, science, teaching, law, business,  humanities, science and technology, and many more

Graduate research

After completing a master course with a significant research component you can further opt for Ph.D. doctor of philosophy or undergraduate research program

This will help you to get a rewarding career in research with the university, research institute, government, or biotech company. 


Computational biology is a multidimensional coursework program that helps you to get a successful career after your academics. So if you are dreaming about having a career in computational biology then the university of Melbourne can be the most suitable option for you. 

This university is known for providing an exciting and career-oriented course work program facility. This is the reason why students prefer to study at this university. If you want to know about other course work program offered by this university  you can follow our latest blog on Computing and system software coursework program at the University of Melbourne and get a detailed analysis of this course work

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