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Computing and system software coursework program at the University of Melbourne

Are you interested in app development, software, gaming, or website development? Then computing and system software coursework is meant for you. With the help of this coursework, you will understand the use of programming language. And learn about the systematic process behind the software development life cycle.

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What will you study during your computing and software system coursework at the University of Melbourne? 

With the help of this major, you will develop considerable technical expertise in the field of computing and software systems in your academics. You will cover a variety of programming paradigm. You will also learn about the right computing tools and techniques for designing and evaluating computer solutions. 

Computing and software system is a broad field of learning. During your academics, you need to work with various concepts and theories that are essential for any software creation designing and development. In academic you are also required to work with various assignments based on various concepts of computing and software systems. 

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The major structure of computing and software system coursework

The-major-structure-of-computing and-software-system-coursework
  • This major comes under the branch of Bachelor of Science degree
  • You will get an opportunity to learn computer science subjects from day 1 and you will have the flexibility to explore other interests too. 
  • In your 1st and 2nd years you will study the subject that are prerequisites of your major
  • In your 3rd year, it is mandatory for you to complete 50 points (4 subjects ) of deep and specialized study in computing and software systems
  • During your academic, you will take  elective and breadth subjects in addition to your major subjects

Sample course plan

View some sample course plan that will help you to select the subjects for this major

Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Foundations Of Computing (COMP10001)
  • Calculus 2 (MAST10006)

Semester 2

  • Foundations Of Algorithms (COMP10002)
  • Linear Algebra (MAST10007)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Design Of Algorithms (COMP20007)

Semester 2

  • Database Systems (INFO20003)
  • Object-Oriented Software Development (SWEN20003)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Software Modelling And Design (SWEN30006)
  • Computer Systems (COMP30023)

Semester 2

  • IT Project (COMP30022)
  • Models Of Computation (COMP30026)

Career opportunity

After completing the computing and software systems coursework in Bachelor of science you will be e capable enough to get a job in your desired field. You can also apply for further study or graduate research.

Further study

Graduate degrees

If you want to have professional accreditation as an engineer or computing professional you should move on from this major to one of these graduate degrees:

Graduate research

After completing the master course with a significant research component you can further study a Ph.D.( doctor of philosophy) or another graduate research program.

Career outcomes

Once you complete this course work this major will help you to get a career opportunity in the field of a software engineer or developer, project manager, database manager, system analyst, IT consultant, programmer, solution architect, infrastructure architect, and many more. 


As you can see computing and software systems coursework is a hub of career opportunities. This course work has the capability to provide a bright career. This is the reason why most of the students across the world prefer to have their academic careers in this major from the University of Melbourne.

This university has set a bar of standards in the field of education and innovative course work programs. If you are interested to know about some other popular coursework program offered by this university you can go through our latest blog Melbourne business school master of management coursework and have a good understanding of this program.

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