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INTRODUCTION TO SAFE SCHOOL & Safe school Initiatives in Australia

Nowadays a major concern for any parent is that their child should feel safe and secured at school. At present The Safe Schools in Australia, the coalition are working along with top schools and universities to make campuses racism-free. This is because there is a significant amount of increase in instances like bullying and discrimination at school. Such type of situation will have a direct impact on the overall development of children. Thus, before talking more about the respective topic. Let just take a very brief idea about what safe school is all about. 

A safe school is the federally funded national program that began in the year 2013. A huge amount of 8 Million dollars were recently invested in the safe school program. This program was developed from the Victorian scheme of safe school in which efforts are being made for the purpose to create safety as well as a supportive school for those students that belong to the LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community. The given program is directly in the control of the Department of education and training. Thus, the given program assist in the process of reducing the cases associated with suicide and bullying at school. 

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After having a very brief idea about Safe school, a major question that comes in our mind is whether a not a government should continue to fund the Safe school. The government should continue to fund the Safe school. However, to prove the respective statement there are different types of benefits from initiating guidelines of a safe school.

The very first thing that came into notice about Safe school is that the given type of program offers resources to the teachers for the purpose to give significant support to the concept like sexual diversity at school. Following the context, based on the conducted analysis it is identified that many people across Australia tends to experience the situation like transphobic as well as homophobic behavior. Herein, transphobic behavior is usually described as the type of behavior in which negative comment, as well as views, is being expressed about the Trans people.

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The homophobic behavior and its adverse effect

On the other hand, homophobic incidents include where people behave inappropriately with the individuals who belong to the LGBTI community. Such types of things will harm the health as well as the wellbeing of an individual. However, the main aim of any school is that its students should learn good things and compassionate and kind behavior. So, whenever they are out of school they should become good citizens of the nations.

Thus, it is very much correct to say that with the help of Safe school significant training can be given to teachers regarding the type of actions that they need to make whenever they are being confronted with such type of situation. It is important for a teacher to have direct/interactive contact with their student. Suppose, the teacher will notice some bullying behavior against LGBTI people in his classroom.

Then in the respective situation teacher will have two options either it should make a complaint about the same to the higher authority or it could just ignore the things and try to handle the situation in the classroom only. Racial remarks and gender slurs are prohibited and the person using it can be liable in the eye of law. On an external note, you can avail proficient law assignment help on our website. We offer case-studies, law assessments based on Australian Law.

Why Safe Schools are crucial for current times?

For example, if the teacher will choose option one in which it will give the complaint about the student’s behavior at higher authority then the given thing will help in the process of ensuring the effective development of school policy. However, it is the Safe school type of program only that helps in giving guidance to school about the type of things that they need to perform. Thus, it is very much essential for the Australian government that it should fund the respective program. It assures the better development of children who are studying the different schools effectively.

In addition to this, a Safe school program teaches students to behave properly with the LGBTQ community people. It is a very initial phase in which students are taught about the manner to behave as well as give respect to the diversity of students. It’s pretty obvious that initiating a safe school enables the students to learn a very big lesson about their life.

This is because today’s world is the world of the multicultural work environment in which people who belong to different community works together. Thus, if in the school only, the student will not learn to give respect to the diversity of people then in the future it will become very much difficult for them to become an effective citizen of the nation.  It is because of the presence of a given aspect that only it is very much essential for the government of the nation that it should continue to give funds to such types of programs. 

Safe-schools in Australia

Furthermore, the government of the nation should continue to fund Safe schools because these type of schools helps in the process of satisfying the department’s policies that are being associated with sexual as well as gender diversity. On the other hand, it also helps in guiding the school regarding the manner through which a school should implement the anti-discrimination law that is being by the Victorian as well as the Australian government.

Thus, in simple words, the Safe school can also help in the task of improving the policies that are being made in school effectively. Moreover, it is through this way only all the students irrespective of their gender and religion will feel safe in the school. Such types of things will have a direct impact on the overall learning of students effectively. If a student will not feel safe at school than he can’t give full concentration on his learning.

Moreover, if the student will not be able to focus on their learning then in this situation their effectiveness, as well as overall development, which schools can’t assure. Such types of things are one of the biggest drawbacks for any school. This is because each parent that tends to send their children to the school expects that school should work in the development of different skills among their children. Thus, if in school children feel unprotected then such type of thing will have a direct impact on the overall expectation of parents. Thus, in the process of maintaining the expectation of parents, the Safe school program has a very critical role and thus a government of the nation should not stop funding towards the same.

Statistics about Safe-school

In addition to this, Safe school is effective in assisting schools in the process of adopting the whole school approach. Herein, it is very much correct to say that the whole school approach is the type of approach that assists in the task of preventing incidents like harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Bullying at school has become one of the most common issues in today’s scenario.

As per the National Center for Education Statistics, 1 out of every 5 students face incidents like bullying at school. Moreover, 35% of students witnessed bullying at school once every 2 to 3 months. In simple words, a Safe school program can help initiate proper measures to tackle such type of incidents does not get a repeat in the future. On the other hand, it is through this way only the motivation of the students can enhance the overall performance of students.

It is very much right to say that the learning of students is directly proportional to the motivation level. For example, a student tends to feel demotivated at school if incidents like bullying and racial slurs are frequent. On the other hand, a given type of student is not able to give much concentration on his study. Sometime such type of cases will tend to lead a student in the condition like depression. This will have an impact on the overall life of a student. Thus, to handle the condition of the student, it is very much essential for the government of the nation that it should defund the program like Safe school effectively.     

Benefits of Safe school

Additionally, the Safe school program also helps the authorities to draft a precise student engagement policy. The given type of program is formed for those school that gets the enrolment of those students that comes under the category of LGBTQ community. Generally, people who belong to the LGBTQ community try to hide their identity. As a result of this, they do not speak much in school. Such type of things will also affect the effective development of students at school. But, with the help of the Safe school program, we can try to avoid all these scenarios. This is because the given program also assists the school in then developing an effective student engagement policy.

Adequate guidance on how to engage

In the given policy, guidance should be circulated regarding the manner to engage LGBTI students at school and different activities that are arranged in schools. This is because managing such type of students is not an easy task. This is because such students used to go through very much in their lives at a very young age. It can lead to several mental conditions such as social anxiety and depression.

Moreover, they also find it very much difficult to engage with other students. A precise student engagement program tries to curb these incidents. These programs initiate that all the students in the class participate in all the activities that are arranged in school. Further, it also possesses different strategies with the help of which LGBTI community students can involve in different sports as well as other activities at school. It is due to the presence of a given aspect that only the Safe school program has an important role.

The mental support system

Furthermore, the Safe school program also helps in giving support to professional learning. This means that the given program assists in giving guidance about the manner to develop safe as well as inclusive space for the students. Here, the specialized training module is prepared for the teachers that assist them in the process of forming an effective strategy for the purpose to assure the proper and effective development of students who are related to the Safe school program effectively. It is by complying with a given type of activity that only teachers can give their best services to the schools.

On the other hand, a Safe school program enables teachers to find out the essential needs of their respective students. For example, some students will have special needs associated with specific language. Thus, by using Such program and their efforts can work to fulfill the needs of all students effectively. This will have an impact on their learning. 


The conclusion drawn from the above analysis is that there is a number of benefits for introducing safe school in school. The very effective benefit that is being related to a given program is that it helps in the task of minimizing the conditions such as harassment ad bullying at school among LGBTI students. Apart from this, the respective program also assists in the process of assuring the effective development of students. It is evident that the government of the nation should continue to give funds to the Safe school program. This is because it is having positive implications for students. It also assures the effective development of the students who are studying in varied schools effectively. It is feasible to say these programs can curb down the events of racism and gender-based crimes.

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