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Marketing coursework university of Melbourne- Assignment help

Marketing is the most essential thing in selling any product or service in a profitable way. The marketing strategy depends on the size of the business. It influences brand and corporate strategy. With the help of marketing, we can easily reach our customers and expand the business. Marketing is an integral part of any organization whether it is related to the public or private sector. 

Marketing is all about understanding the customer requirements, resources, and network to create value for customers and for the organization. Studying marketing improves your marketing skills and helps you to know about marketing intelligence, strategy, communication advertisement by which you can improve the growth of any business or organization and help the company to get the maximum profit. 

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Marketing coursework  university of Melbourne

  • With the help of marketing coursework from this university, you can have a better understanding of marketing opportunities, design and advertisement strategies by which you can gain the attention of customers for your business
  • Help you to know about the strategies by which you can understand your customers and successfully target their requirements
  • By studying marketing course work you get an opportunity to know about the fundamental of advertisements, products, service, brand management, market research, relationship, marketing, digital marketing and many more
  • This course work helps you to know about key marketing tools and goals such as segmentation positioning, service, excellence, sustainability, leadership, customer value satisfaction, and many more. 

Overview of marketing coursework university of Melbourne

In your 1st and 2nd year, you will study the core subjects that are prerequisites for your major. In the final year, you will study your major subject along with the combination of elective breadth subjects. 

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Overview-of-marketing-coursework university-of-Melbourne
Marketing coursework university of Melbourne

Double majors

In this university, you will get an opportunity to have double majors that mean you can combine any of two accounting, finance, marketing, and management subject for your degree or masters program. 

Breadth studies

The Melbourne model helps you to incorporate with breadth subject into your degree. This gives you an opportunity to explore the subject. 

Sample course plan

Go through the mentioned sample course plans and get to know about the subjects that will meet the requirement for this major.

Bcom Marketing Major, Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Introductory Microeconomics (ECON10004)
  • Quantitative Methods 1 (ECON10005)
  • Principles Of Finance (FNCE10002)

Semester 2

  • Introductory Macroeconomics (ECON10003)
  • Accounting Reports And Analysis (ACCT10001)
  • Principles Of Marketing (MKTG10001)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Organizational Behaviour (MGMT20001)

Semester 2

  • Market And Business Research (MKTG20004)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1 

  • Business Judgement (BUSA30000)

Semester 2


Opportunities that you can get after successfully completing marketing course work university of Melbourne

After completing this major you can have various career opportunities. And you might pursue a career path in event management, marketing, operations management, government, not for profit, marketing communication, and public relations

Career outcomes

Your first job helps you to get the opportunity in the following sectors as a:

  • Account executive
  • Customer insights analyst
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Media planner

After completing 5 to 10 year you will process to roll such as:

  • Digital communications manager
  • Marketing research consultant
  • Brand manager
  • Social media specialist

After completing 15 to 20 year in marketing you could be successful:

  • Chief marketing officer
  • Communications director
  • Creative director
  • Account director

Some other career opportunity that you can have after successfully completing this coursework

Marketing major helps you to get a wide range of professional specialization pathways in or outside of your discipline. And help you to get an opportunity  in various professions

Some of the graduate study options based on marketing include:


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Doctoral program

If you want to enhance your marketing skill and become an industry expert in marketing you can undertake further this study through the doctoral program in marketing. This course work involves 2-year masters of commerce + 3-year graduate degree. 


This is the complete structure of the marketing coursework university of Melbourne. I hope with the help of this blog post you have resolved all your doubts and queries related to this coursework and its academic structure. 

The University of Melbourne is quite popular for its business and economics courses. Every year students from various countries take admission in this university. And enroll themselves in various coursework program. Apart from marketing, accounting is also a major subject of business and economics. So if you want to have any information about accounting coursework at this university you can follow our latest blog on Accounting coursework university of Melbourne – Online Help and have a detailed analysis of this coursework.