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A Master’s Degree in Australia Can Land You a DREAM JOB

The immigration policy of Australia is lenient towards students, that’s one of the prime reasons every year around 3,80,000 international students enroll in top universities of Australia. Australia’s plentiful natural resources and consistently ever-growing economy offers a perfect destination for students to find their dream jobs. Australia is the third most favorable country for international students to study abroad. Are you planning to pursue your master’s in Australia?

As an international master student, you will have an opportunity to witness one of the world’s most appalling yet budget-friendly tourist destination and a number of educational and job opportunities. This blog is created by Ole Verroni, a leading management expert at In case you need any assistance with assignments related to management and business studies, feel free to visit our website and hire him.

Some compelling reasons to choose Australia for your majors

Australia is famous for its relaxed livings, beautiful weather and diverse leisure and sports events. But did you know that Australian universities are internationally famous for their quality of education, research, and training? That is one of the sole reasons why many foreign students and technology professionals are applying for Work Visa or permanent residency in Australia.

There are a number of visa options in Australia for work, and it’s critical to conduct thorough research before filling out the right one. We recommend you read our guide on Visa guidelines of Australia. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider doing majors from Australia this 2020.

1. World-Class Universities

Australia is home to some of the top universities in the world. According to QS World Ranking list, 8 out of top 150 universities are located in Australia. It reflects the country’s utmost dedication and excellence towards education and academics. To name a few; The University of Syndey, The University Of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University and The University of New-south Wales.

2. Diversity and International outlook

Australia’s always welcoming nature towards International students and its lenient policy towards them makes one of the prime reason that you won’t feel an outsider in Australia. Moreover, Australian Universities offer additional academic support and designated international student advisers to help you with your orientation.

According to a recent 2018 statistical report by the Department of Education, Australia, around 89% of international students find the overall study experience satisfying. While pursuing majors from Australia, you will have an opportunity to get open to a global community and witness their culture. It doesn’t sound that bad!

3. Rich quality of life and eccentric weather

Do you know that Melbourne has just been named as World’s most livable city for 6 times in a row! Yep, that’s true and other cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane aren’t far behind in the same list. Australia offers a rich quality of life to its inhabitants and enjoys its status as one of the world’s most stable and safest countries.

It also offers weather flexibility to International students-it’s up to you to choose Melbourne’s ever-changing weather or Sydney’s 12-month warm sunshine and beach culture. The rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney is been going on for quite some time now, for more information, why not read our detailed comparison of both?

4. Research and Training Opportunities

Australia’s continent is famous for its surfer’s beaches, but they also offer unparalleled potential for research and training in environmental science. The marine biologists from Australia have the opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

The research training program is administrated and governed by individual universities on behalf of the Department of Education. Students doing majors can opt for research and applications for the scholarship need to made straight to the other participating universities.

5. Globally Recognised Programs

Australian masters degree is based on British Degree System, which is respected whole around the world. Australian universities offer a wide spectrum of courses-from management, engineering to humanities, and law to health science. The Australian education system is frequently administrated and monitored by TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency).

In 2000, the Australian government introduced the ESOS Act. Under Educational Service for Overseas Act, all the college institutions are obliged to follow certain guidelines and requirements before they start enrolling international students. Students who come to Australia to study can be assured that they will be receiving a world-class education here.

application-process-for-Master's in Australia

Course type in Australia

In case you have past experience of undergraduate program in any western university system, the master program at any of the Australian university will seem quite similar. As the education system in UK, Australia also uses a three-tier degree structure for bachelor as well as master’s program.

Most of the Australian degree program also use them likewise names as that of United Kingdom programs. For instance, the titles of Master of Science (MSc) and Masters of Art (MA). However, the names of some courses are different such as Master of marketing and Master of Commerce. To get an idea you can look at the course listing of Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology.

What are the different types of Master degree?

You can avail a range of degree programs in Australian Universities. Some Master courses are built directly upon your undergraduate course. While others offer advanced training to boost up your present career-or switch to a new study domain. We can’t sum up all the master courses as there are hundreds of courses, but we tried to categorize them in various types.

1. Traditional Master Program

These are academic courses which is built directly after following undergraduate program in same domain. It offers the opportunity for students to study a particular subject in greater depth. These traditional courses are similar to the Master’s degree in the United Kingdom, awarding qualifications like Master of Science (MSc), and The Master of Arts (MA).

The duration of any Traditional Master’s program is normally estimated around 18 months long. The three-tier program is a combination of research and teaching, with most of them including a final dissertation/thesis or likewise project at the end of the tri-semester.

2. Graduate entry Qualification for Professional

These diplomas and master degree programs are for those candidates who already hold an undergraduate certification and desire to qualify professionally in the related domains. These courses are ideal in case you have the intention to enter a regulated profession. For instance, you can use a Master of Nursing or Graduate diploma in nursing, if you want to pursue a career in nursing.

As an overseas student, make sure these professional qualifications are recognized in the native country. In particular cases, the experience and skill you gain abroad help boost up your CV stand out in your home country. Sometimes these courses include vocational placements or foundational training. So the duration of these courses may be longer than 18 months.

3. “Change of stream” Masters

Just as the name suggests, these courses are for candidates who are looking to switch academic streams. They desire to gain expertise and skill in a new area of domain. Without any prior knowledge od concept, these courses offer you a briefing in the core principals of the new subject. After which they offer advanced training in a specific specialism. These courses also require vocational training, thus their courses are usually longer than 18 months.

4. Professional Masters in Development

These courses are for candidates who are looking to enhance their careers with additional training. For instance, you might be marketing executive looking to gain some digital marketing skills. Or you might be an experienced teaching professional trying to develop marketing skills.

Other than graduate-entry qualification, these courses normally need present experience and qualification. Opting all these courses abroad can be a great way of building up your resume by taking advantage of training opportunities and unique expertise in Australia.

The application process for Master’s in Australia

There is no admission service or central application for pursuing post-graduate in Australia. Moreover, international students in Ireland and UK choose to apply the registration through Study Options, an additional support service for UK and Irish students. Their service is completely impartial and free.

On the other hand, you can also apply directly to your prospective University of Australia. However, you will require to provide the prior recognized qualification and their concerned proofs.

Other application needs for an Australian Master degree includes:

  • Educational Transcripts – These offer several additional details of your UG education, such as various modules you have studied and your performance in them. Undergraduate degree is required to generate and clarify all the documents.
  • Professional Reference- Your documents should include statements from professional employer or undergraduate tutors as appropriate. As a result, your college application will get more weightage in admission.
  • A proposal or statement- Not all major courses need a personal statement. If you are pursuing a Master’s in research, you may ask to represent a proposal. A graduate-level qualification master course may ask you to provide your interest in the above course and its wholesome relationship with your career goals.

Popular work options in Australia

Skilled and trained graduates from tertiary universities in Australia are in high demand. You have more chances to have a work opportunity in Australia if you can boast several languages on top of your degree.

The forecast for the Australian economy is pretty strong and as of fall 2019, a number of industries are growing at a pace. So they are going to need human resource. This implies that your employment prospects are enormous after pursuing a Master’s in Australia.

Specifically, the Australian health, hospitality, and tech industries are seeking employees. International students with course degree in relatable fields are good as gold. The one stream which is booming currently is management skill in all the aforementioned industries.

Newly graduate students in becoming physiotherapist, nurses, web developer, clinical managers, coders, web developers, and salesperson can start their career with great job opportunities in Australia.

It is feasible for the students to target an economic sector or an industry to start your job hunt. The longstanding industries in Australia are mining, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. So if you are pursuing a career in one of those, it won’t be hard for you to find job opportunities in Australia.

In conclusion, many international students join the Australian workforce with almost no trouble at all. We suggest you plan your job prior to graduation if possible. To ensure your work visa, you should visit the Australian Government’s official work visa policy and make sure you fulfill all the requirements.

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