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Mathematics and statistics coursework at university of Melbourne

Are you interested in learning the universal language for abstraction and predictive modeling and want to have a specialization in mathematics and statistics? Then choosing the university of Melbourne for Mathematics and statistics coursework would be a great decision for you. With the help of this major, you will easily develop powerful analytical and problem-solving skills that you can use anywhere. 

This major makes you capable enough to design an algorithm for an innovative startup control and optimize the process in the big industry. You can also have a career opportunity in advance healthcare. And you will be capable to make critical decisions for the organization. Mathematics and statistics course work is also important for pursuing an international career in fundamental research

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So let’s get started

What will you study during your mathematics and statistics coursework at the University of Melbourne?

With the help of this major, you will learn about four specializations pure mathematics, discrete mathematics, and operational research, applied mathematics and statistics, and stochastic process.  This major comes under a Bachelor of Science degree so you will complete this major as a part of a Bachelor of Science degree. 

  • In your 1st and 2nd year, you will work with the subjects that are prerequisites for your major including statistics subject and foundational mathematics
  • In the third year of your coursework, you will complete 50 points by studying four subjects of mathematics and statistics
  • Throughout your degree, you will take science as elective subjects and nonscience as breadth subjects in addition to your major subjects

Sample course plan

View some sample course run that will help you to select subjects so that you could meet the requirement for this major:

Year 1 (100 pts)


  • Calculus 2 (MAST10006)

Semester 2

  • Linear Algebra (MAST10007)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Real Analysis (MAST20026)

Semester 2

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Complex Analysis (MAST30021)
  • Algebra (MAST30005)

Semester 2

  • Metric And Hilbert Spaces (MAST30026)
  • Geometry (MAST30024)

Career opportunities

Once you complete mathematics and statistics major in Bachelor of science you will have the various option you can move into the workforce, further study or graduate research

Mathematics-and-statistics coursework
Career Opportunities

Career outcomes

With the help of this major, you can have a career opportunity  in research, Banking, Finance commerce, logistics project, management, market research on medical

Further study

Graduate degrees

If you want to continue your studies at the graduate level this major will provide you a great foundation for the master of science, mathematics, and statistics. 

Undergraduate degrees you could consider after this major are

  • Master of data science
  • Master of computational biology

Graduate research

After completing a master course with significant research you can go on to study a Ph.D. doctor of philosophy or another graduate research program. This will not only help you to get a rewarding career opportunity in research but also help you to get expertise in this major. 

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Mathematics and statistics coursework at the University of Melbourne can help you to have a successful career after your academics. So if you want to have top quality academics and best career opportunities then this university can be a perfect destination for you.

This university is known for providing an exciting and career-oriented course work program facility. This is the reason why students prefer to study at this university. If you want to know about other course work program offered by this university  you can follow our latest blog on Computational biology coursework at university of Melbourne and get a detailed analysis of this course work.

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