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Melbourne business school master of entrepreneurship coursework

Do you know the reason behind most of the successful business? Well, it is just the courage of turning a business idea into reality. Studying entrepreneurship helps you to know about those toolkits which can design, launch, and run a business. With the help of entrepreneurship coursework, you can easily learn all the basic fundamentals of a startup.

Melbourne business school master of entrepreneurship coursework provides you the opportunity to combine your knowledge in technology, science, environment, medicine for people to create startups.

Today in this blog post we are going to discuss Melbourne business school master of entrepreneurship coursework structure. And help you to know why this university is quite popular among international students for entrepreneurship programs. We will also talk about our assignment help in Melbourne service by which you can make your academics easy and improve your subject knowledge.

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Entrepreneurship at Melbourne

If you have innovative skills and you want to solve real-world problems through entrepreneurship then Melbourne business school master of entrepreneurship coursework is meant for you. With the help of this coursework, you can not only improve your skills but also so developed critical thinking which expands your vision

In this university, you will study 10 primary subjects that have been designed around the need of founders. And help you to get knowledge about product design, operations and encourage you to launch your own startup. In this university, you will be taught by leading academic experts in entrepreneurship and business.

What will you study during your entrepreneurship course work?

The entrepreneurship program is quite different from other educational programs. With the help of this program, you can develop critical thinking and decision-making ability. This program combines a highly practical “learning by doing” approach and involves the number of the seminar by entrepreneurs investors and industry mentors. It helps you to enhance your practical skills and coupled with the unparalleled experience.

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Garage project

Example subject: Garage project

It is an experiential subject where you design and built a small scale startup and enhance your entrepreneurship skills before opening for any business and serve real customers. With the help of this experiential subject, you can develop critical thinking and lean startup methods. You will interact with real customers. By using customer validation and insight you will evaluate your enterprise for improvements.

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Course structure

  • Two Foundation subjects
  • Six entrepreneurship core subjects
  • One capstone subject
  • 2 Elective subjects

Sample course plan

Some of the sample course plans by which you can select subjects that will help you to meet the requirements for this degree are listed below:

Year 1 (150 pts)

Summer (25 pts)

  • Foundations Of Entrepreneurship Practice (MGMT90222)
    12.5 pts
  • Entrepreneur Within (MGMT90229)
    12.5 pts

Semester 1 (50 pts)

  • Garage Project (MGMT90224)
    12.5 pts
  • Design Thinking (MGMT90223)
    12.5 pts
  • Creating A Successful Business Model (MGMT90225)
    12.5 pts
  • Business Acumen For Entrepreneurs (MGMT90226)
    12.5 pts

Winter (37.5 pts)

  • Creating Your Own Enterprise (MGMT90230)
    25 pts
  • Social Entrepreneurship (MGMT90165)
    12.5 pts

Semester 2 (37.5 pts)

  • Entrepreneurial Organisation Foundations (MGMT90227)
    12.5 pts
  • Managing Growth And Pathways To Market (MGMT90228)
    12.5 pts
  • Business Risk Management (MULT90014)
    12.5 pts

Where will this course work take you?

With the help of this coursework, graduates can have enough capability to found their own startup. For any startup, you must have some skill set such as critical thinking, decision making innovative skills, and many more. With the help of this coursework, you will be adept at creating analyzing and evaluating entrepreneurial ventures.

Some of the key sets that you learn during your academic are listed below:

  • With the help of this coursework, you develop a powerful tool kit by which you can build a high growth startup company or social enterprise
  • You can easily develop marketing skills by which you can successfully commercialize products and services
  • Help you to develop, launch and grow innovative enterprises
  • Give you knowledge about the sources from where you can obtain funds
  • You achieve financial independence


Melbourne business school master of entrepreneurship helps you to develop innovative skills, decision-making skills, courage and make you aware of all the obstacles that you may face during your startup. So if you want to become an entrepreneur then and this coursework can help you to achieve your desired goal.

The University of Melbourne is quite popular for providing exciting coursework programs and help students to have various career opportunities. The entrepreneurship coursework program is one of those programs which are quite popular among the students. If you want to know about some other exciting coursework programs offered by Melbourne universities you can go through our latest blog on Marketing coursework university of Melbourne and have a detailed analysis of this coursework.

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