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Finding part-time jobs in Australia for students

Australia is an amazing place to work as an international student. This can result in easy money and get in touch with the local etiquette and customs. If English is your second language and this opportunity can help you advance your communication skills. Some of the skilled jobs even pay students handsomely. Recently a survey by Flexjobs discovered that some of the part-time job opportunities pay more than $50/hour. However hitting the right job during your course can be complicated, that’s why Bryan Rudolph, an essay writing expert at have curated this blog to find part-time jobs in Australia for students

If you are an international student in Australia, you must be familiar with students working part-time job along with their course. The visa guidelines allows every student to work for a maximum of 20 hours/week relying on their age and course. Although there is no limit for work hours when schools are not in session. Working while pursuing higher course can help complement your overall experience as a foreign students. Besides that, it’s a great opportunity to earn some extra money while studying.

Work Rules for International Students

There are certain guidelines for international students with their part-time work which they have to follow. On an average, an international student is allowed to work as much as 20 hours within a week when school is in session. Although they are allowed to come before 90 days before their classes start, to relocate themselves and follow up all visa and course requirements. Still, they are not allowed to work unless their course commence. There is no such limit of work-hours during school vacations.

After the new visa regulation or April 26, 2018, students are granted permission to work along with their visa grants. Prior to these new regulations, student had to take request for permission to work. The visa application fee for international students in Australia is around AUD $620. Visa Guidelines in Australia have been specified differently for different age groups. We recommend you to read the student visa rules before looking for a part-time job.

International students in Australia needs to follow certain requirements laid out by the Department of foreign affairs and trades in order to grant permission to work. These requirements are:

  • They need to be accepted first by one of the educational institute in Australia than only they can apply for student visa.
  • Students are needed to pursue one of the consistent and authorised study programs
  • They have to fulfil all the requirements of the course programme, which they have enrolled.
  • Students have to maintain the minimum attendance for each semester/study period required by the course.
  • They are needed to maintain Overseas student health cover. (OSHC)

Finding the right job

There are so many platforms to find your perfect part-time job in Australia. The most usual ways are through job networks, app services, newspaper listings, employment agencies, flyers and campus noticeboards. In the end, searching for a job in Australia is nothing different than looking for jobs anywhere in the World. Some of the best ways to look for part-time work opportunities are:

  • Online job websites/ applications.
  • Word of mouth-ask your colleagues and flatmates.
  • Noticeboard of your college/university
  • Professional employment agencies.
  • Create a professional/personal network and connections.
  • Alumni Facebook or LinkedIn groups.
  • Enrolling in several employability development agencies.

Money making ideas and part-time jobs in Australia for students

Nonetheless there are plentiful of creative ways to create income and earn some money while studing abroad. Here are 10 part-time jobs that you can find in Austrlaia

1. Work at local coffee shop

Australia have a long rooted love for coffee, and country is filled with coffee stores which serves coffee throughout the day. It’s a good opportunity to become a barista at your nearby coffee store. Coffee stores are often looking for someone who can make a mean latte. Although you have to learn about local coffee preference as it’s different in Melbourne than Sydney. Most of the Austrlians prefer their unique “flat white” taste. Their are several chains such as The Coffee Club, Starbucks, Gloria jeans and Jamaica Blue which are constiently looking for students to serve coffee to their customers. You can also look for a job positian at your nearby local coffee shop. The average hourly rate is around $13.85 and you can get as much as $25/hour for working as a barista.

For a detailed comparison of two gloabal cities of Australia of Melbourne and Sydney, read our step-by-step comparison of both cities.

2. Join Airtasker

Airtasker is a platform that offers electric range of jobs from washing a car, movers and packers to more technichal work such as desigining a website for someone. Just visit Airtasker, sign up and elist for services which you can provide. You have the liberty to pick one task, or multiple relyig on your skills and locations. The main advantage of joining airtasker is that you can select a jon which you like, which fits with your course schedule and work as much as you like. There is no boudnation or essential work hour completion.

3. Be a tutor

This is one of the highest paying part-time job in Austalia. You can teach younger students who are lacking in some subjects with your academic skill and field of study. Assisting students who are struggling with their academics is a great source to make income and brush up your old skill. Minimum wages starts from $25-30/hour and go as far as $50/hour depending on the academic skills. If you have a presentable SAT score, you can find plentiful of students who are looking for assitance for their SAT’S.

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Become a subject-expert tutor

4. Earn by becoming an Uber Driver

With a decent driving skills and an authorised driving license, you can drum up some extra bucks by becomug an Uber driver. It’s easy to register, flexible and you can drive anytime you like. There is a skill of individuality in this job opportunity, and being your own boss have a lot of perks. Noone is overviewing you, and you have to decide when to choose your driving hours. To maximise your profit, drive your car when there is a surge in pricing, like saturday nights. The average wage per hour is around $35-40 and uber charge around 27.5%.

Drive for Uber

5. Earn using your natural skills

Why not to tap in some money using natural talent like cooking, makeup, styling or hair grooming. Promote your side hustle on your social media, and your university circle and work as a freelancer. Here are some of the ideas for freelancing:

  • If you are good at crafting some handmade goods like handmade jwellery, baby clothes, home decor, ceramics or illustrations or knitwears, sign up yourself at Etsy. Etsy is a famous platform in Austrlaia to sell handmade goods by individuals.
  • Child care: if you are good at handling toddlers and babysitting, why not earn some money babysitting kids nearby.
  • Gardening: if you are looking for a job which not only help you earning bucks, but also helps the enviornment for its cause for Climate Change, this job is for you.
  • You can take use of social media such as display your art at Youtube, and get it monetized when it reaches a handful of audience.
  • If you are good at writing blogs, one can earn using Google Adsense by advertising on your blogs once it gets hits. If you have some more time, consider your spare time writing a book. and publish your Ebook at Amazon. It may sound a big project at once, but once it gets published, you will get passive income/royality for as long as it sells.

There are several institutes which hire experts to teach students, one such example is Laneway Laarning. As long as you are giving some activity your spare time along with your course, you can make some extra money.

6. Work at departmental store or fuel station

There are a number of stores such as BIG W, Kmart, Myer, Target and David Jones, which opertates departmental stores all around Austrlia. They are often in need of sale executives and mostly hire college students for their part-time job. These are some of the great place for casual work and a student can choose a specific time which fits their schedule. They have a number of department under one roof from electrical, techonology to fashion and clothing. This gives the student freedom to choose their desired store and works as a sale executive. The averge wages per hour is estimated around $20-25.

Another option to earn some extra bucks is working at a fuel station. This may not sound appaling to some, but fuel station operates whole night. So if you are an night owl, who feels like wasting time sleeping, enlist for a job at fuel station. For students who have evening shifts for their course, this could be a viable option to work late night after your college. On an average a service station attandent earn as much as $30/hour and goes as much as $50/hour.

Become a service station attandent at a fuel station

7. Work as an receptionist

The job of a receptionist involves dealing with clients, welcoming them with a smile, answeing the phones, connect lines and booking schedule with higher authority. It also involves keeping in check the basic amenties of workplace. If you have a charming personality and you know how to communicate with local customers, you can avail a job as a receptionist. Usually firms requires someone who can works in shift and students can opt night timings. Usually being a receptionist isn’t very occuupying job, so one can study or do assignment while working. How cool it sound! The average salery for receptionist is around $27.85 and you can get a hike after some months.

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8. Get money by reviwing websites and applications.

Nowadays, websites gives you money if you take part in surveys or review a website, app or service. Platforms like Enroll, UserTesting and Whatuserdo offers money if you browse through a couple of mobile application or website and review them as you navigate. For all you efforts as Tester, they pay a small amount in your PayPal account. Although, the income does not sound promising, but if you spare just 20 minutes completing a survey and reviwing process, you can get easilly earn handful of bucks. It’s the easiest way to earn using your skills as a consumer and tester.

9. Sell good at margenalsied profit

There are several wholesale, B2b market websites such as Alibaba, Aussieweb, Australian Made and eWorldTrade that offer a big business opportunity. If you have some cash to start a business, why not buy the goods at wholesale prices from these websites and than sell them with a margansied price at Ebay or Amazon. Depending on your investment and selling outputs you can earn a tremendous amount of money.

10. Look for on-campus or promotional job

There are number of vacancies in your own univeristy for students to earn some extra money. You can work as a foreign students consultant if you are good with English or any other foreign language. There are a number of marketing enterprise which look for volunteers for their promotional event which they organize all over Australia. Although these event management jobs are neither consistent nor high-paying, still it’s a good option if you love to be part of events and travelling.

On-campus promotional jobs

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