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University of Melbourne agricultural science coursework

Science, logistics, engineering, robotics and genetics are the most important part of the agricultural industry. Today we can see technological development in the agricultural industry. And modern farming is one of the live examples of technological growth in the agricultural industry. This industry has the capability to provide you a sustainable future. This is the reason why students geared towards agricultural coursework programs.

Today in this blog post we are going to talk about the university of Melbourne agricultural science coursework program in a detailed manner. And help you to know how this university can provide you a sustainable future in the field of agricultural science.
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What would you study during your agricultural science coursework program?

With the help of this course work you will learn about the agricultural system, analysis, plant health, liver stock, and grazing systems, production, and management of crops along with biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

The major structure of this course work

  • You will accomplish this major as a part of a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • In the first and second year of your academic you will complete subjects that are prerequisites for your major.
  • During the third year of your academics you will complete 50 points including four major subjects of define specialized study in your chosen area of agricultural science.
  • During your academics, you will also take science elective and nonscience breadth subjects

This academic coursework is quite beneficial for learning all the technique of agriculture and help you to know about various methods which you can use in farming. During your academics you are required to work with various assignments based on agricultural science. And need to implement your theoretical knowledge.

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Sample course plan

View some sample course plan that will help you to select the subject for this major

Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Biology: Life’s Machinery (BIOL10009)

Semester 2

  • Biology: Life’s Complexity (BIOL10011)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Ecology And Grazing Management (AGRI20036)
  • Plant Growth Processes (AGRI20026)
  • Animal Physiology And Growth (ANSC20001)

Semester 2


Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Livestock Production Systems (AGRI30030)
  • Plant Pathology (AGRI30042)

Semester 2

  • Agricultural Systems Analysis (AGRI30003)
  • Managing Production Animal Health (ANSC30007)

What will you study during this coursework?


After completing this course work you will be placed to move into the workforce, graduate, and research for further study.

Career outcomes

University of Melbourne Agricultural science coursework provides you a rewarding career in agribusiness for agricultural consenting. You can also so get job opportunities as an agronomist, agricultural consultant, research officer, soil scientist, animal husbandry manager for farming system analyst. You can also have career opportunities in government as a policy analyst or in banking as a finance officer.

Further study

Once you complete honours year in agricultural science as a part of your Bachelor of science you can immediately move into graduate studies.

Graduate degrees

If you want to enhance your agricultural science skill you can move onto the master of agricultural sciences which will set up you as an expert in this field.

Graduate research

After completing Honours year or a master course with a significant research component you can study Ph.D. or another graduate research program.

After the research program you will have rewarding career opportunities with the university, research institutes, consulting company.


University of Melbourne agricultural science coursework program is designed in such a way so that a student could have rewarding career opportunities after graduation. So if you want to become an industry expert in this field you can enroll yourself in this course work and have a good academic and career growth

The University of Melbourne is quite popular for providing a variety of interesting career-oriented coursework. Every year many international students come to study at this university and experience top-quality educational facilities and have good knowledge.

If you want to know more about other coursework program offered by this university you can simply follow our latest blog on computational biology coursework at university of Melbourne and have in-depth knowledge about this course work and suggest those who are looking for their academic career in this particular field

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