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University of Melbourne computing coursework

Computing is consists of designing, analyzing, and implementation of a complex system that supports computer network database and web services. We can see the uses of these technologies across the domain of health, safety, community, business, and education. University of Melbourne computing coursework program is designed for the technically focused students who want to have strong professional capabilities in both programming and development of digital material. With the help of this coursework, students will build advanced technical skills in the field of data manipulation, media,  computation, visualization, interaction design, and many more.

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University of Melbourne computing coursework structure

University-of-Melbourne-computing coursework-structure

The structure of this course work is quite flexible that allows students to explore the various fields of study. You are free to choose your major immediately or make a decision before the beginning of 2nd year. 

In the first year of your academics, you will emerge in the world of design and learn various tactics and methods by which you can discover new concepts and skills, you might be performing on stage, writing code in a computer lab or making 3D models. And you will study all the fundamental basics of this major. 

In the second year, you will deepen your knowledge about the subject. And you will be able to finalize the selection of major, minor and specializations

In 3rd year of your academics, you will study everything about your major requirements. This year you will complete 50 points of study of specializing in computer systems and need to complete breadth subjects. You also need to undertaker the capstone subject. These capstone subjects are design to draw together the various theoretical strengths strands. 

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During your academics, you get an opportunity to take the following double major options with the bachelor of design:

  • Computing + Construction
  • Computing + Graphic Design
  • Computing  + Landscape Architecture
  • Computing + Performance Design
  • Computing + Property
  • Computing + Spatial Systems
  • Computing + Urban Planning

Breadth subjects 

Breadth is a unique feature of the Melbourne model. With the help of this model, you get an opportunity to export subjects outside your core studies. 

Sample course plan

View some sample course plan which will help you to select subjects for this major:

Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Media Computation (COMP10003)
  • Calculus 1  (MAST10005)

Semester 2

  • Foundations Of Algorithms (COMP10002)
  • Calculus 2 (MAST10006)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Design Of Algorithms (COMP20007)
  • Elements Of Data Processing (COMP20008)
  • Linear Algebra (MAST10007)

Semester 2

  • Database Systems (INFO20003)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Web Information Technologies (INFO30005)
  • Computer Systems (COMP30023)

Semester 2

  • Graphics And Interaction (COMP30019)
  • IT Project (COMP30022)

Career opportunity

With the help of the University of Melbourne computing coursework program, you can become a leader in the field of computing. This field provides you a wide range of career opportunities and increases your earning potential.

Popular graduate study option provided by the University of Melbourne include a master of the information system, master of data science, master of computer science, master of engineering master of software with business

Career outcome

This major helps you to get various career opportunities in the field of data science, business analytics, cloud computing, web, and mobile app development, and many more.  The type of jobs students can get after completing this major are listed below: 

  • Applications developer
  • Business analyst
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Digital application analyst
  • Digital copywriter
  • Games developer
  • IT consultant
  • Technical writer
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • Web and mobile app developer
  • Web content administrator


As you can see the university of Melbourne computing coursework program not only help you to get a better future but also improve your knowledge. This university helps you to become more responsive to your career opportunities. This university has set a milestone in the field of education by providing quality course work programs.

If you want to know about other computing coursework programs offered by this university you can simply follow our Computing and system software coursework program at the University of Melbourne blog and have in-depth knowledge about this program.

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