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University of Melbourne economics coursework: online help

Economics is a branch of knowledge that is concerned with production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. In a simple language, we can say it is a study of social behavior related to the production, distribution, and consumption of goods. Students who study economics get various employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. This field of study is best suited for students who have strong mathematical skills.

Today in this blog post we are going to talk about the university of Melbourne economics coursework. And help you to get every single detail about this program so that you could have a better understanding of this course work and you could wisely choose your academic career. We will also talk about the obstacles that students may face during their academics. And how they can overcome from them by using our Melbourne assignment help service.

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Three key areas within economics

  • Microeconomics: Which is the most important field of economics where we study the behaviour of individual customers and producers.
  • Macroeconomics: This branch of economics help you to know about economies on a regional, national or international level
  • Econometrics: In this field of economics we work with historical data and models for forecasting future performance and indicators.

Economics at Melbourne

  • Economics has been the most preferred coursework at the University of Melbourne and having been taught since 1855.
  • This university is popular for providing quality of teaching and research in the field of economics. This is the reason why this university has #1 ranking in Australia
  • Same as a social science this major can be studied in either the bachelor of commerce or the bachelor of arts.

What will you study during your university of Melbourne economic coursework

In academics, you will learn the various methods by which you can analyze and interpret data with several methodologies and tools. You will also develop problem-solving skills that are essential in both business and government to make a smarter and informative decision.

university-of-Melbourne-economic coursework
university of Melbourne economic coursework

Structure of economic course work

This major is available for a bachelor of arts and bachelor of commerce and requires you to complete a quantitative subject as an essential part of your studies. In your 1st and 2nd year of your academic, you will study macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics

In academic you need to study various subjects that require good analytical and calculation skills. At the initial stage of learning, you may face difficulty with economics assignments as they are mostly based on calculation and data analysis.

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Bachelor of Arts students

If you choose the bachelor of arts for studying economics, you will study two majors which will provide you the option to tailor your study plan to your unique career path. In academics, you will have a subject like criminology, gender studies, or even politics along with your economics studies.

Bachelor of commerce students

In your 1st and 2nd year of academics, you will study core economics subjects that are prerequisites for your major. And help you to know about three main pillars of economics: microeconomics macroeconomics and econometrics. You will also study calculus and statistics in the first and second year of your academics.

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Breadth studies

University of Melbourne economic coursework helps you to incorporate with breadth subject into your degree. By doing this you get an opportunity to explore subjects or discipline inside or outside of economics

Sample coursework plan

View some sample course work plan which will help you to select a subject that will meet the requirement for this major

Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Introductory Microeconomics ( ECON10004)
  • Quantitative Methods 1 (ECON10005)
  • Accounting Reports And Analysis (ACCT10001)

Semester 2

  • Introductory Macroeconomics ( ECON10003)
  • Principles Of Finance (FNCE10002)

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Organizational Behaviour ( MGMT20001)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON20002)

Semester 2

  • Econometrics 1 (ECOM20001)
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics ( ECON20001)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1


Semester 2


Benefits of choosing university of Melbourne economic coursework

With the help of this coursework, you can develop transferable skills that are highly sought after in many corporate environments. And you can have the best career opportunity in

  • Consulting and political analysis
  • Government
  • Industry associations and trade unions
  • Merchant and trading banks, investment firms, and stockbroking and insurance companies
  • Transport, communications, mining, retail and manufacturing

Career outcomes

At the initial stage of your career, your first job could see you as a:

  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Researcher

After having 5 to 10 year of experience in the field of economics you will process to roll such as:

  • Economist
  • Senior analyst
  • Manager

After completing 15 to 20 year you could be a successful

  • Director
  • Partner
  • Chief Economist

Graduate pathways from this major

After completing an economics major you can have various career opportunities. And this course work puts you in a good position to undertake for the study in the wide range of business and economics. You can also choose some other disciplines like social science discipline, political science, and psychology.


With the help of this course work you can have a wide range of professional specialization pathways inside or outside of your discipline

Some of economic focus graduate study option include

  • Graduate Diploma in Economics
  • Master of Applied Analytics
  • Master of Applied Econometrics
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Master of Economics


In the fourth year of your academics, you get an option to do honours that give you the opportunity by which you can draw together your undergraduate studies. And help you to focus on an exciting piece of original research, thesis.

Doctoral programs

If you want to become an industry expert in economics you can undertake further study at Melbourne business school and enroll yourself in the doctoral program which involves 2 year master of commerce + 3 year Ph.D. research.


This is the complete analysis of the University of Melbourne economics coursework. I hope this blog post was informative enough to resolve all your doubts related to this course work. And now you know why this university is quite popular for economic coursework.

Apart from the economic coursework at the University of Melbourne, this university has set a milestone in the field of education by offering career-oriented coursework program. If you want to know more about other course work programs offered by this university you can simply follow our latest blog on University of Melbourne finance coursework: Get a detailed analysis and know everything about this coursework program.

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