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University of Melbourne geology coursework

Geology is this subject that helps us to discover the secrets hidden below the ground. With the help of this coursework, you can easily explore the origins of our planet and know about the process that shaped our earth. With the help of geology, we also learn about the process that changes our planet sometimes dramatically.

Students who pursue their academic careers in geology get a chance to study various aspects of the earth. They also so get a lot of career opportunities for the geologist in research, environmental assessment and remediation, the minerals and petroleum industries, and government. 

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What will you study during your university of Melbourne geology coursework program?

With the help of this major students integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines and have field-based studies. They learn about the theoretical aspect of rock, minerals, and behavior during the earth process. 

With the help of this major, you will complete the sequence of specialist subjects as well as integrated subjects. You will also so study various factors related to the earth and its functionality including the compacting problem of resource consumption (air, water, minerals, energy)

Fieldwork is the most important component of this major and you will gain experience for the workplace by practicing in hand on project work that requires careful time management and clear communication results. 

Major structure

  • You will study this major as a part of a Bachelor of science
  • In your 1st and 2nd year of academics, you will complete subjects that are prerequisites for your measure including earth sciences and chemistry subjects. 
  • In the third year of your academics, you will complete 50 points of deep and specialized study in geology. This measure gives you the opportunity to select your major subject from a large range
  • Throughout your degree, you will take science elective subjects and breadth subjects in addition to your major subject and prerequisites. 

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Sample course plan

View some sample course plan that will help  you to select subjects that will meet the requirement for this major

Year 1 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • The Global Environment (EVSC10001)

Semester 2

  • Understanding Planet Earth ERTH10002

Year 2 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Structural And Metamorphic Geology (GEOL20002)
  • Earth Composition, Minerals And Magmas (GEOL20003)

Semester 2

  • Field Mapping And Sedimentary Geology (GEOL20004)

Year 3 (100 pts)

Semester 1

  • Tectonics & Geodynamics (GEOL30002)
  • Geochemistry & Petrogenesis (GEOL30004)

Semester 2

  • Sedimentary Geology (GEOL30003)
  • Economic Geology (GEOL30006)

Career opportunities

After completing the geology major in the Bachelor of science you will have career opportunities in various sectors such as petroleum, mineral and environmental industries, jobs including consulting, operation, research, and mineral exploration. 

Further study

If you are interested to have further study in geology you can complete honors in geology as a part of your Bachelor of science or you can immediately move in to graduate studies. 

Graduate degrees

If you want to continue your studies at the graduate level this major can help you to provide a great foundation for the master of science and master of geoscience.

Other graduate degrees you could consider 

Depending on the subjects you selected in your Bachelor of science, a range of other graduate degrees may be possible in the field as diverse as science and technology, health sciences, teaching, law, business, Humanities, and many more.

Graduate research

If you complete an Honours year or master course with a significant research component, you can go on to study a Ph.D. or another graduate research program. 

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This is the complete structure of the University of Melbourne geology coursework. I hope with the help of this post you have cleared all your doubts and queries related to this course work and its academic structure. 

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