Bachelor of Business Digital Business

Today’s world is rapidly becoming a digitally-led world. It pays to be the forefront of digital applications, trends, and principals. With this course of Bachelor of Business-Digital Business, the student will learn and understand about iT-based industry tools, to develop essential tools and mindset in the workforce of present-day and future. It’s a full-time 3-year course, which demands an entry score of 67.30 in Australian Tertiary Admission Rank to get admission in RMIT university. The curriculum of Bachelor of Business-Digital Business incorporates financial technology, creativity, strategy and governance, innovation and design. During your tenure In the course, the students will participate in a number of work-integrated learning opportunities to make you digitally advanced for your career. This course is for business aspirants who have their sight on career in digital marketing, digital law, financial technology which define the Digital influence on modern-day workplace. Further in the article, you can read about the subjects in the curriculum of Bachelor of business-Digital Business. For other courses in RMIT university, redirect to our parent page of RMIT University

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Year One

ECON1020 - Prices and Markets

The subject relies on the microeconomic theory of economics and its application in modern-day business principals. The aim of introducing “ECON1020- Price and markets” is to introduce students to key microeconomic concepts and several analytical techniques. They will learn how to apply these techniques in a real-world scenario and apply these economic phenomena in a rigorous or systematic way. The course aims at how firms, consumers and government financial ministry will interact with these theories in the market so that it gives rise to the profit.  In this course, your learning and understanding will be supported through online activities and in-class activities comprising personal or group work. 

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BUSM4176 - Introduction to Management

The course covers the necessary elements of management which have the core aim of offering students with a range of critical thinking abilities. These abilities and essential elements of management lays the groundwork for theory and research, applicable in the modern-day workforce. Throughout the course, you will examine various theories of management and measure how these industry-based skills can be applied in the contemporary workplace. The course will cover all the theories of management and various strategies for working in an advanced global workforce, organizing and leading, planning and ways to control information in the enterprise. Management strategies will cover both personal and professional context. 

MKTG1025 - Marketing Principles

It’s an introductory course and offers the student an overview of marketing principals prevalent in modern-day businesses. The underpinning aspects, and the practical tools which are widely used by the marketer to strategize and implement marketing tools and campaigns. Through the use of lectures, assignments assessments and tutorials one will explore the theory and practice of marketing principals in real-world scenarios. One will also have an understanding of “the essential aspect of marketing in future business variables” and how each employee in a firm can make a significant contribution to business marketing. The course MKTG1025 provide insights into the area of marketing in an organization and how can one interface in the firm as a role of marketers.  

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ACCT1046 - Accounting in Organisations and Society

Accounting is one of the crucial aspect of your life whether you are doing it for your daily groceries, or calculate the precise accounts and dividends per share for a firm, accounting is essential for every person or business transaction which somehow involves accountancy. In the course of ACCT1046-Accounting in organization and society, you will gain insights into the meaning of role as an accountant in the larger context of business operations. With time, you will develop an understanding of key concepts and ideas of accounting and realize how these accounting concepts aren’t just visual representation of money transactions but have a strong influence on society and organization. The course includes prescribed readings, assignments, lectures, research and analysis. 
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ECON1010 - Macroeconomics 1

Macroeconomics policies and events affect the daily lives of almost everyone, especially the business owners and managers. Whether you are in future associated with a  business firm which is associated financial service, produce and sell consumer good, offers a service or edge of fast-cutting tech, none of them is immune to the bigger macroeconomic concepts and events that unfold in the world’s economy as a whole. A brief study of macroeconomics can offer insightful ideas and solutions to tackle these challenges. At the end of the course, you will be able to critically evaluate the policies and economic acts of government and their impact on the modern-day business scenarios. 

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ISYS2056 - Business Information Systems

The course tries to develop your certain abilities to use certain business analysis models and tools built in the range of technologies to enhance the analysis, your understanding of problems and decision-making skills. In this course, you will collaborate with your classmates using a number of mobile social networking techniques to modal all of your business problems and visualize and communicate business recommendation in a rather effective manner. These business solutions generated are used to solve the case study which will be assigned at the end of the first semester. These case studies involve studying, analyzing and concluding or constructing the desired business approach/modal for the future. The course is delivered interactively in one-hour lecture/two-hour work every week.  

ECON1030 - Business Statistics 1

Business managers take a number of decisions on a number of issues which include allocations, comprehending customer demographics and forecasting sales. For the purpose of business analytics and statistics, every firm uses a number of technologies, tools for the statistics. This course is an introductory subject for the vast field of business statistics and their tools. It will introduce to range of statistical concepts and tools which managers can use to make informed decisions. For instance, SAS is the most common framework for statistical analysis, however for a larger application, you will be introduced to Microsoft Excel and how to feed data, analyze and interpret your own results. 
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OMGT2324 - Financial Technology

Today’s technology is constantly changing the landscape of business, it challenges the status quo and yet creates a number of positive opportunities for business leaders to innovate ways of thinking and potential growth. Financial Technology-refers technology revolutions and developed frameworks in the fields of finance and facilitating the interactions among participants and the efficiency of various transactions. The course will also offer crucial insights into political issues, tax implications, development of blockchain technology, digital payments, and cryptocurrency.


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Year Two

LAW2442 - Commercial Law

The house of LAW2442-Commercial Law is an introductory subject to fundamentals of commercial law which are relevant to modern-day business professions. The course offers you knowledge and concepts which are essentials to pursue further and more particular studies in the field of law. The course is taught through weekly tutorials and lectures n which the student will review, examine and apply these law principals related to contract, negligence, and Australian Consumer Law. Commercial law is one of the compulsory courses in the field of business. 

MKTG1415 - Digital Marketing

The accelerating pace of technological change which is coupled up with ever-growing social media marketing and digital lifestyle has transformed the marketing practice and strategy. Digital marketing foster enhanced marketing practices and customer value creation. The course will also introduce you to several techniques of web analytics which are used widely to review, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the firm’s digital marketing strategies. The course introduces a WIL (Working Integrated learning), with which your skills and learning can be applied in a real or simulated workplace. 

ISYS2452 - Design Thinking and the Digital Startup

The course offers you with a capstone experience that can guide you for the opportunity which will be helpful in critical assessment and consolidate what you have previously learned in the program of Bachelor of Business-Digital Marketing. The student is required to use various technologies such as business Process modeling, UX design, Agile project management, prototyping environment, and design thinking in order to harvest your knowledge for creating a business startup. 

ISYS2423 - Information Systems Strategy and Governance

The house manages to explore the concepts, problems, and changes in the strategic management of information Technology and Information System. The strategic value of business IT/IS management is the core theme of this subject. The course can explain the role of IT & Corporate governance on the role of business. The subject of business analysis is used to develop a solution-serving approach to the policies enacted by IT & Corporate Governance. On the successful completion of the course, one will be able to review IT/IS policies on an enterprise-level in accordance with compliance suggested by International Industry Standards. 


Year Three

LAW2556 - Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World

The course offers you an opportunity to engage with the ongoing legal issues which affect the digital business environment. You will learn and critically evaluate the issues prevalent in finance areas including Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, Cybercrime, fin-tech and internet and how they impact the business conduct legality. You will also be able to critically evaluate the privacy law that arises out of digital business practice and reflect on intellectual law properties and legal ethical issues that arise in digital business. 

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BUSM4550 - Creativity, Innovation, and Design

The course reflects the contemporary aspects of creativity, innovation and design and their crucial properties in a business or organization which are rapidly characterized by uncertainty and risk. A student will be able to review and examine these activities through the application of theory and introduction of processes and practices to achieve the desired outcome of sustainable compatible advantage.  

BUSM4177 - Leadership and Decision Making

The course will introduce students with a number of theories and models of decision-making skills and leadership in the organization. The course explores the behavioral, psychological, cultural and structural issues that business leaders face when making essential strategic decisions as well as develop these skills and knowledge required in several situations. On successful completion of the course, one can critically evaluate the decision making skill and leadership models and theories in several organizational situations. 

BUSM4729 - Digital Business Transformation

The course offers a capstone experience which will offer an opportunity to critically reflect, integrate and consolidate everything which you have learned in your program. The aim of this course is to integrate the learned theory and practice of digital business transformation and offer you with essential skills and knowledge essential to get success in your business environment. By successfully completing the you will be able to draw upon application, concepts, perspective associated with digital transformation project to realize and love critical business problems. 


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