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What is a database management system? 

The database management system in short DBMS can be defined as a collection of records. With the help of a database management system, we can manage all the records in a very effective manner. And present data in an organized way. With the help of this software, we can easily store, change, manipulate and extract the data from the database. We can see the uses of database management systems in many sectors such as banking, airlines, human resource, manufacturing, selling sectors and many more. 

Various type of database management systems

 The database management system has four important structural types that are listed below:
 Hierarchical databases

A hierarchical database stores the data in the form of parents/ child relationships and follows a tree-like structure. A hierarchical database is meant to collect and store all records together as a record type. These record types are similar to the tables in the relational model. And the individual record is similar to the rows. 

Network databases

We represent children as a member and parent as an occupier in the network database. The major difference between each child and member can have more than one parent. A large digital computer industry uses a network database for establishing communication between two different nodes. So that they could easily retrieve and access information and data. A network database is more efficient than a hierarchical Database. 

Relational databases

In a relational database, we can see the digital database works on the relational model. In a relational database, the table has a key field that especially indicates each row. And we use that key field as a connector by which we can easily connect one table of data to another table of data. And this is the basic functionality of the relational database

Object-oriented databases

 It is a database management system in which we use various programming languages such as C, C++, and Java. These languages are known as an object-oriented language. Object-oriented database derivation is the integrity of object-oriented programming systems. 

Importance of database management system in academics 

With the help of the database management system, we can easily update, retrieve, Store, update and manage the data in a very organized manner in the computer system. The use of a database management system is growing immensely these days. This is the reason why students need to study this. If you are a student and facing difficulties while learning a database management system you can avail our database assignment help service by which you can easily understand the various concept of DBMS and get root knowledge of the subject. 

Importance of DBMS

  • Database systems are designed to maintain data consistency. And with the help of this system, we can easily reduce the data redundancy
  • The database management system also promotes data authentication
  • It makes the process of data management smooth and easy.
  • With the help of this system, we can easily manage data in an organized way
  • DBMS increase data security

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