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Are you looking for someone to help you with your homework? We understand that the search for a tutor is a daunting task. You can either go for old school methods such as hire a tutor residing in the neighbourhood to make you understand the concepts of maths, physics or any other subject. On the other hand, you can avail live web tutor that can write your assignment or give a live session through a webcam. Technology has advanced and so does old teaching habits when you had to fix the date and time suitable for both you and the tutor. Now you can avail of a live tutor anytime within some clicks. These live sessions could be of subject and duration. For suppose you need to solve your maths homework involving geometry, avail a web tutor proficient in geometry for 30 minutes who can assist you with your homework solution. Moreover, if you don’t have time to sit and solve every problem, you can avail of the homework help solutions from the same experts. is one of the best assignment help Australia website, which provides a quality assignment to thousands of students daily. 

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We take academic writers onboard after a stringent hiring process. Success hiring rate is only 6% in our company.

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Our all academic writers are based out in Australia as they understand the Australian education system properly.

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We make sure you get turnitin and tested papers. We share a free plagiarism report to ensure you get unique papers.

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All you need to do is submit your assignment through our order form. You don't need to pay anything at this stage as we offer free evaluation

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On agreement about the price for writing, you can make payment. You have option to make payments in parts.

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You get a dedicated assignment progress area. You have an option to communicate directly with the assigned expert on our online platform.

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You can communicate through chat, WhatsApp , Call or SMS to connect with our sales team or academic writers.

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Academic submissions are time sensitive and we never add any delay in the trail with slow responses. We are a fast assignment help provider.

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Our support team never sleeps, hence you can initiate a chat anytime on our website to discuss your queries about existing work or a new work.

What are the pros and cons of choosing a live web tutor? 

There are several online tutoring websites that offer paid one-on-one learning sessions that can help you get the desired help in any subject. offers great learning tools and you can choose from one of the many experts related to your subject. Comparing is always fruitful as it’s all about getting assignment help for a cheap price. We advise you instead of hiring a live web tutor where you have to pay per minutes, go for assignment help solutions. It’s rater cost-effective than web sessions. However, there is plenty of free online tutoring in the market, but it’s tailored for the “board masses” and does not emphasize quality education. Your homework solutions need flexibility and advances and extensive research mechanisms.  Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of opting for a paid live web tutor. 

Pro Features of hiring a live web tutor: 

  • You can avail of highly qualified teachers, a good user interface, and a variety of interactive tools such as quizzes and games to help you learn better.  
  • Virtual classroom, and experts who can deal in a wide curriculum based on any academic subject. Whitespace enabled both sides to write queries and solutions. 
  • Detailed homework solutions can opt for live web tutor at any time. 
  • Flexible pricing depending on the subject and stream. 
  • 24/7 customer support service. 

Cons of hiring Live web tutor 

  • Costly, you have to pay per minute for every session.
  • Unavailability of concerned subject teachers may cause an issue. 
  • Network failures and connectivity issues. 
  • The instruction can get lost in translation, you can face certain language barriers if the expert is not proficient in a native language like English. 
  • As long as the session is over, you can’t ask for more time unless you recharge again.
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Alternatives for hiring live homework help you may need to know

There are many alternatives you can choose if you don't want to hire a live web tutor. You can either notes for the same topic or go for professional assignment writing services. is one such service, we offer affordable homework help online, thesis and dissertation writing, programming projects and custom essay writing service in Australia. Ordering an assignment from is easy, just provide us with details about your assignment, your insights, and instructions. Our assignment expert will go through your requirements and revert you with the expected completion time and total cost. 

Get quality, professional homework help at an affordable price

No more paying hefty prices for pay-per-minute sessions, when you can avail the best assignment help website for a fraction of your money. Our pricing starts from $9/page with a week’s deadlines. It’s as low as paying for a meal at Mcdonald’s. This does not mean that we compromise with the quality of your homework solutions. We provide explained step-by-step solutions for all the problems. 

No more waiting for your homework expert for personal sessions

Mostly when you go for live web tutors, either they are busy with other students or not available. Even if a tutor is available for the live sessions, the Internet bandwidth dies. Now that’s a bummer. With our services, you don’t have to worry about deadlines and internet connection. Just pay your initial payment and relax. Our experts will deliver your homework solution in your mailbox on or before time. You can download your subject-specific solutions. 

Our proofreading and editing will make your solutions flawless

No matter how qualified your live web expert is, he can’t proofread what you have written by yourself. He can just guide you to find out the correct answers by yourself. Here at my assignment help, we have a designated proofreading and editing team which ensures that there is no logical, structural, grammatical or spelling error in your content. They will also cite the critical editorial reference for your research paper. 

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At, you can avail of unlimited updates, even after we have submitted your assignments. You can make your deemed changes by contacting one of our chat service executives.  On the other hand, if you get stuck on a problem after the live web session, you don’t have any right to contact the tutor again. These services are money-oriented and as soon as your session gets over, they don’t entertain extra questions. is one of the best online assignment site that provides security measures such as McAfee secure. McAfee makes your browsing, privacy, and data safe on our server. 

Why rely on just one expert when you can avail of many. We have experts respective of their field. These experts are professional masters or PhD’ holders who have been in the concerned industry and have a keen interest in teaching. You can avail of help with assignment for subjects such as chemistry, physics, science, maths, geology, psychology, economics, history, civics, polity, engineering, nursing, and many others. So no more browsing hundred of websites for different subjects when you need urgent assignment help, you will get all of them under one website.