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This is sample on E-Business Application which is posted by This sample will discuss about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Business with the example of Amazon. 


Amazon Australia is an online retail business that is engaged in selling goods and services to the customers from online portals. The company is involved in various types of operational work and slowly moving towards selling all possible things consumer needs both from domestic and international market without extra cost. The most important operation that the company is involved in is selling and buying of products. In addition to this, the brand also conducts logistic and supply chain operations to manage their daily stocks and seller contacts through which they can sell their products. Further, privacy of customers’ information and meeting customer needs is the most important operation of Amazon Australia (Condon 2019).

The company is also working towards improving their delivery services by offering prime service so that they can operate better on delivery grounds. In addition to this, there are other operations as well that the brand conducts such as data management, quality engineering, material management and others that can help offer best products and service to the customers. These are the areas including many others in which Amazon Australia currently operates to offer best products and services to the customers. The paper analyzes the use of artificial intelligent in a business and the importance it holds in their survival. Further, the paper analyzes the ways in which Amazon Australia uses artificial intelligence in different operational areas and the ways they are benefitting and getting impacted. Lastly, the report analyzes five journals related to this area and link their relevance in relation to the chosen company and business in general.

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Importance of artificial intelligence for business survival

Artificial intelligence is a system that has the capability to learn from its own and helps in improving past iterations and help in becoming more and more aware. It is a types of simulation of human intelligence that is processed by machines that is a computer. The process of artificial intelligence has become important in business communities over the past decades due to the benefits it offers and the increased complexities of the business.
Artificial intelligence impacts the business in different areas and mark for the importance of its survival. Some of the areas in which artificial intelligence has entered includes marketing, sales, accounts, finance and others (Brynjolfsson and Mcafee 2017). Marketing has been highly impacted by the introduction of artificial intelligence because it helps in finding the best program that can help target the customers for the products and services they are offering. It has helped in handling the complexities of marketing and has helped in creating the vest possible avenues to distribute their marketing materials.

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Through this business are being able to target better and thus increase their chances of survival. The second areas in which AI has played a crucial role is sales. Sales and marketing are interconnected and improvement in these two processes helps in the development of the business. Artificial intelligence helps the salespeople to get connected to the lead of the business and allow them to engage and follow up with the lead so that they can convert them into sales. They help in increase leads by building a strong link between marketing and sales (Dirican 2015). Artificial intelligence has helped in the improvement of customer actions, sales transaction, distribution of sales and others. These functional areas help the sales team of the business to forecast future sales and to retain their customers. Through these functions the business is able to improve their sales through better customer engagement and increase their chances to survive in such a competitive environment.

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Artificial intelligence is also been used in accounting and finance department as well to cut down their time they spend in accounting and conduct complex audit system. Artificial intelligence is being used in auditing and to study complex contacts and deeds at less time. This has helped saved the time of the businesses and reduced the chances of errors in their business. AI is also helping in making sound decisions in their financial and accounting areas so that everything is managed appropriately (Dirican 2015).

The program used in artificial intelligence also help in displaying financial information of the business along with other information such as on market, product, operations and other investment opportunities. This shows the importance AI holds for a business and its decision making process that results in their survival potentials. Condon (2019) has pointed out other importance of artificial intelligence as well that help in the survival of the business. One of them is that artificial intelligence has helped workers and employees to work better and accomplish tasks that were not easily achievable before. It has also helped in controlling cost of business by making processes automated and faster than before. . It has also increased the scope of sales and revenue for the business by offering better experience to the customers and chances for open communication. All these together help the business to survive in such a competitive environment by being competitively stronger

How Amazon Australia Has Utilized Artificial Intelligence

Amazon has been involved in the use of artificial intelligence in their business in different operational areas to make it faster and better for the customers. The company has been able to take things at next level by reorganizing its processes around artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts. The brand is seen to use artificial intelligence in their management strategy and is known by the name of flywheel. This approach means that it is a tool that is designed to store rotational energy in machine (Levy 2018).

This process helps in saving energy when the wheel is not working continuously so that excess energy is not wasted. The energy is spread in a constant manner and help in saving the energy in the most effective way. The use of flywheel as artificial intelligence in Amazon means that innovation around machine learning helps in spreading the effect on other teams in the business as well. It has become one of the most important tool in initiating and expanding the business of Amazon and has helped in driving product recommendations.

It has become one of the reason in connecting the organization and its processes together with less confusions. Artificial intelligence has been adopted by the brand to enhance the experience of the customers in a contact center. It helps in automating the content moderation, forecast better demand and offer other benefits (Condon 2019). Amazon has from time to time shared the details of their artificial intelligence innovation and processes taken to initiate their e-commerce operations. The brand has indulged in using AI to increase their capability of e-commerce forecasting and showed Stylesnap. Stylesnap is a feature of artificial intelligence that the brand has put in their application that helps the customers to take a snap of the type of dress they want and then put it in the app to find similar dresses on sale. This has been the best feature of AI used by the brand to increase their sale by making findings of customers more personalized.

The brand has also worked in introducing center robots names Pegasus and xanthus and a new drone service that aims at improving their delivery service. Through the use of this new artificial intelligence system the brand will be able to increase their sales by reducing their delivery time and in turn become more competitive in the e-commerce market. One of the most common AI that Amazon has been using is Alexa that helps in driving their in store processes by connecting to the customers.

These steps that the company has moved in relation to AI and machine learning is said to be only in the beginning stage and planned to move much further. Their major aim is to adopt automation in their environment and make it a key part of their operations (Ryan 2019). Customers are being able to better personalize their shopping, get better delivery and a better value for their money from the automation of operations.Further, internal processes have also improved over time and has become less complex than before. Artificial intelligence and its facilities are spread over each and every part of Amazon’s store and the countries or region it enters to capture the market share (Condon 2019). It has become the most important reason for their survival over time in the e-commerce industry.

Analysis of Journals on artificial intelligence

There has been appropriate research done in the field of artificial intelligence in the field of e-commerce and businesses over time that can be applied by Amazon and help them in their future plan. One of the most common thing that has come up as a part of artificial intelligence that is big data. Business intelligence and big data has both become important in the community of the business.

AI is being used in many business environment to manage their big data and complexities involved in the data. This shows the importance of AI in the business environment that is help in handling the data of their customers and other complex data in a way that reduce complexities and error (Chen and Storey 2012). This plays a huge role in the survival in the business as shown above because it helps the business to reduce errors and security issue in customer data. This show the relevance this finding shows in relation to this assignment about the importance of AI in business and the way it results in their survival.

Further, it is seen that e-commerce is increasing over time in the world and this is increasing competition tremendously. This is also increasing the logistics and retail industry in a huge way due to digitization. With the increase in competitive pressure it is seen that artificial intelligence system has increased in e-commerce, especially business to customer transaction. This is done to get benefitted in different ways such as better delivery system, better order processing in e-fulfilment centers, guaranteed delivery, regular order arrival patterns and others (Chen and Storey 2012).
This shows the importance of using artificial intelligence in e-commerce to improve the efficiency of their order handling system. The role of AI in e-commerce shows that the intelligent system helps in improving customer satisfaction and in turn impact the growth of the e-commerce company. This can be linked with this assignment that shows the way in AI helps in increasing the survival rate of the business, especially e-commerce. This is because AI affects the service quality of the business offered to the customers and a better value to their money. This in turn result in increased customer satisfaction and better revenue generation compared to other competitors in the industry. One of the best way AI is helping the business is the introduction and use of re-engineering process in e-order fulfilment (Vanneschi et al. 2018). This makes these findings more relevant to the assignment because it effectively shows the rationale behind e-commerce businesses should adopt AI more in their processes.

Artificial intelligence has multiple role to play in a business be it an e-commerce business or physical retail store. The automation process that it offers to the business processes has been the major reason behind using and implementing AI. However, one of the major reason behind e-commerce using AI in their process is to predict customer default. There are number of defaults that is being caused in the e-commerce companies due to increased number of orders and customer demands.

There are defaults occurring in customer details, payments and others that is causing huge defaults (Leung et al. 2018). These defaults is being handled and controlled with the help of artificial intelligence processes and method. One such method that is being used in handing the customer default using AI is the credit scoring, which is a computational method that help in assigning a score to the customer and identify the potential of defaults they can cause. This is yet another area that helps in showing the importance of artificial intelligence in the e-commerce and the reason the e-commerce companies should use it.

This finding also holds relevance in this assignment because it helps in giving Amazon a new way to use AI and improve their defaults in customer handling. Further, e-commerce companies will be aware effectively about the importance of using credit scoring in their system so that they can reduce their payment defaults by customers. This helps in reducing the chances that the customer will not pay upon receiving the receipt and thus prevent in hampering the revenue of the business.

This hold relevance in this paper because it shows the way in which the businesses can increase their survival rate by adopting this method of Artificial intelligence by handling their customer defaults and business with customers that are genuine (Leung et al. 2018). This is the best way e-commerce companies can reduce their risk management method and work with the help of risk solution services. The demand for the use of intelligent system in web based application has increased over time due to automation of processes and activities of e-commerce. It helps the e-commerce to an intelligent commerce paradigm where the system adopts intelligent software systems and helps in increasing automation. E-commerce has been able to coordinate processes and better utilization of resources and help in assisting human and machine interaction.

These processes are used with the goal to increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Further, artificial intelligence has helped the e-commerce industry to let users express their choice in a better way and make recommendations. This helps the e-commerce companies to improve their service and product offerings. The use of artificial intelligence has been seen to flourish over the years and is deemed to have a real world impact (Zeng, Daniel et al. 2008). This findings is relevant to this paper because it shows the importance that amazon should increase using artificial intelligence and gives other e-commerce companies to take up AI for gaining competitive advantage over others. Further, there are experienced based approach that can be used with the help of artificial intelligence and allow to measure customer satisfaction rate in the real life settings. Collecting experience and providing service to the customer according to the demand and preference is the best benefit offered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (Åžensoy et al. 2007). It is of highly relevant to the e-commerce companies in question because it helps in showing the way AI impacts their customer base and the way they can improve their customer attraction rate in future.


The recommendations of the paper will include steps through which e-commerce Company that is Amazon will be able to improve their service and be more effective through the use of internet technologies. From the above areas it is seen that there are many ways still Amazon can make use of artificial intelligence in their organization and improve their situation the industry.
Firstly, it is recommended that the brand should make use of AI in managing their big data and increase the privacy of customer data. The use of AI in this group it will help Amazon to handle the information of the customer in a most effective manner because in the online business the biggest threat is defaults in customer privacy rate. Moreover, their performance in the use of internet technologies will also improve while using AI in big data.
Secondly, it is recommended that the brand should implement credit score facility in their online system so that they can judge their customer default rate and allow purchasing in that manner. Credit scoring will help Amazon to perform in a better manner and keep a good bunch of customers that can work with the brand in a cooperative manner. Credit score will also save the brand from getting any payment issue when a product is purchased.


From the above analysis it can be concluded that artificial intelligence plays an important role in the business environment, especially in e-commerce industry in the case of this paper. Artificial intelligence has helped the business in their survival by affecting various departments such as sales, marketing, accounts and others. Amazon has also made use of artificial intelligence in their business that has resulted in their development over time.
The use of AI can be used in a better way in the brand to make them operate effectively in the internet technologies such as use of AI in big data and credit scoring facility. This will help Amazon to place itself in a better way in the online platform with less chances of defaults in customer and reduction in risk of losing privacy data of the customers. They will be able to use internet technologies in a better way and place itself as a market leader in e-commerce.  


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