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To successfully complete the bachelor course in business (entrepreneurship), one needs to develop the essential skills to initiate and control the new business ventures in a growing competitive environment. The course at RMIT University enables students to be exposed to the new strategies and ideas of some of Australia’s established business ventures and top entrepreneurs. They are often tested for their ability to think critically, control a new business and communicate effectively using frequent exams, assessment and assignments. Our firm is leading assignment help provider for students all across Australia. You can ask for our online assistance for almost every domain such as management, engineering, law, humanities, statistics and many more. Thousands of students visit our website daily to buy professional academic writing at an affordable price. During the course, you have to cover topics ranging from marketing, finance and business as well as a range of electives. Further, we will discuss the subjects in the course and how can we assist you in getting good grades. 

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Year one of program 

  • Prices and markets (ECON1020): The subject is a study of applications of microeconomic theories with an aim to introduce students to key concepts of microeconomics such as Prices and market and analytical techniques. Later in their entrepreneurship career, the student have to apply these concepts and analytical abilities to several real-world economic phenomena in a rigorous and systematic way. At the end of the year, the student will be able to comprehend and critically measure public policies and contemporary microeconomic at a theoretical level. You will be asked to submit a case study, project-based on managing an enterprise and analytical evaluate the price and market forecast. 
  • Introduction to Management (BUSM4176): The course covers all the necessary aspects of management in order to enable students to think critically, which is both foundational to research theory and practicality in the workforce. Through this course, students will evaluate theories of management and measure how inquiry-based skills are applied in the workforce. The theories of management includes planning and managing information flow, teams and teamwork, organising and leading and other management strategies to enhance the business. Our academic writers are management professionals who have years of industrial experience and they can certainly help you with your assignment based on management. 
  • Marketing principal (MKTG1025): Marketing principal provides a complete overview of several marketing processes, its foundation concepts and practical tools for entrepreneurs to market their product. The students will learn how to campaign and implement marketing techniques through tutorials, lectures and assignments assessments so that they can market their product through real-world environment. Feel free to contact our experts for marketing assignment help.
  • Accounting in organisation and society (ACCT1046): Accounting is a key aspect not only in business but in every aspect of our life. In this specific course, you will gain crucial insights into the definition and role of accounting and accountants in a larger context of organisation and society. The structure of the course will offer the students with an understanding of accounting’s transformative and pervasive role as an organisational driver or social practice. Thousands of students visit our portal daily in order to buy accounting assignment help. 
  • Macroeconomics 1 (ECON1010): Macroeconomics studies economy-wide phenomena, that operates on a much larger scale than microeconomics such as price levels, inflation, national income, gross domestic product, economy-wide phenomena and change in unemployment. All the organisations are not immune to events and circumstances that unfolds the economy as a whole. So various measures are implemented by the managers and government officials to enhance overall economic performance. This course can be very helpful to answer all these challenges. If assignments and reports based on Microeconomics haunts you, don’t worry you can avail economic assignment help at a cheap price. 
  • Business Information Systems (ISYS2056): Business information system is defined as a set of interrelated processes using IT technology in a business enterprise to disseminate and generate desired information. Students in the course will be introduced to several subsystems of the operating system. Later in their business career, business analysts are often asked upon to offer connections between operational support personnel and business manager for ICT systems. The assignments based on ISY2056 involves procedures such as business integration and collective use of information system. 
  • Business Statistics 1 (ECON1030): This subject reflect decisions taken by business owners on several organisational issues such as forecasting sales, resource allocation and evaluating customer demographics. All these decisions strongly rely on data analyses. The subject introduces students to a range of statistical techniques and frameworks such as MYOB and Microsoft Excel. On the other hand, you can also avail MYOB accounting assignment help from Myassignmenthelperonline.com. 
  • The Entrepreneurial Process (BUSM1311): The foundational course relies on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and introduce students to the underlying principles and concepts which explains the core behind entrepreneurship. The course teaches the student with complexities that shape the formation and development of enterprise. Any person can learn entrepreneurial edge which involves developing “living” business. 

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Year Two of the program 

  • Commercial Law (LAW2442): The subject revolves around the fundamentals of commercial law which is relevant to business professions. The course enables the students with the skills and knowledge required to pursue specific studies in the discipline of law. Our professional law experts have experience in business structure and Australian consumer law. Commercial law is one of the compulsory courses in Bachelor of Business and laid a foundation for all the general practices in commercial law. At the end of the year, you are required to submit a case study based on commercial law. Avail our Australian Law assignment help at reasonable prices. Most of the Australian universities ask for AGLC referencing in their Case Study, we suggest you visit our Referencing guide to learn how to precisely cite all your resources. 
  • Applied Entrepreneurship (BUSM4052): The aim of this course in the second year of program enables the students to gain experience and develop your knowledge of starting a new business in a practical context. In this course, you will understand and apply techniques and tools to discover needs and problems. You will learn to pitch new business ideas and models and apply certain skills to practice in a diverse setting. With several assignments, you can demonstrate your leadership, teamwork and project management skills. 
  • Driving Innovation in Organisations (BUSM1321): This course will offer an opportunity to undertake all sorts of structured activities as a professional practice as an intrapreneur and become involved in gradual engagement with organisations which base their strategy on industry feedback. The course will offer experience and practical knowledge in research, negotiating with stakeholders, planning,  controlling, monitoring and in the end delivering positive project outcomes. 
  • Global Entrepreneurship (BUSM4054): We live in an era of globalisation and technology, so a new form of entrepreneurship is evolving which does not focus on just one country, Today’s startups are emphasized on a global scale. This course is specifically designed to introduce students with the tools and theories of taking an entrepreneurial business globally in both emerging and established markets. 
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Year three of Program 

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (BUSM1313): This course examines the aspects of entrepreneurial finance as students can gain appreciation and funding from several resources for their new business ventures and start-ups. The student will be able to discuss and apply normal techniques of manager and cost accounting, and compile and use normal-purpose financial reports in decision-making skills. Analytical capabilities which are related to several legal issues are also crucial. The course tests the basic concepts of time value of money, financial planning, capital and risk budgeting. The assignments related to entrepreneurial finance are based on the adequate sourcing of funds available to growing ventures and start-ups. At Myassignmenthelperonline.com, you can avail quality finance assignment help which will be worth every penny. 
  • Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (BUSM4583): This courses aims at emerging trend and contemporary issues which are relevant to the skills of entrepreneurs operating in a dynamic, complex and uncertain business environment. Student can also develop the intellectual freedom to become a reflective and critical learner in context to all the other contemporary issues in the entrepreneurship. By successfully completing, you will also gain team-building skills and leadership skills in the nexus between other business disciplines and entrepreneurship. You can depict diagnostic, research, analytical and other communication skills in discussing and examining selected contemporary topics in the subject of entrepreneurship. 
  • Enterprise Beyond Profit (BUSM4702): During this course, you can teach learn and apply these techniques and methods can be used by most of the industry sector for the desired outcomes beyond profit. You can learn how various organisations tackle their problems using sustainable, scalable, innovative and measurable approach. You can also learn how to tackle political, social and economic challenges which creates opportunities for enterprising individuals to boost up wealth, promote well-being and restore the environment
  • New Venture Creation (BUSM1325): This course is a capstone subject in the whole program. What this implies is that we draw together that all the old knowledge that one has accumulated over three year of course and start the process of applying all that knowledge in a creative and appropriate way. This capstone course applies and creates on foundational concepts of Bachelor of business. In the last assignment for your course, you will be expected to design and drive approaches required for enterprise creation and development that empathetically places the entrepreneurs at the centre of value creation. This facilitated learning experience will eventually develop a life a feasible, desirable and viable concept in business experience either in a project or individual base settings. Feel free to consult our experts for the last year project and case studies.  

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