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The Royal Melbourne Institue of technology offers a full-time 1-year course of Bachelor of Business (Honours) which is specifically designed for students with the hidden potential to complete independent research. This high-level honours degree enables a student with a distinctive advantage in the competitive international job market and offers advanced pathways for further research and learning in Doctoral and Masters program. The graduated students from this degree have to depict superior analytical and outstanding abilities and other essential skills. After the course, you will be prepared to start a career which needs a skilled analytical practitioner who can conduct effective research in industry and business setting, or continue the same at Major or Doctoral level research. 

RMIT Program Design and subjects details

The program is designed in two stages and markings and assessment are heavily relied upon frequent submission of quality assignments, case-studies and at the end of Stage B, a complete 15,000-word thesis based on one of the business principal and research on a business firm. Our RMIT assignment help to deliver quality assignments that meet the highest academic standards. Myassignmenthelperonline.com is trusted by thousands of students for their utmost dedication and professionalism towards your assignment. Other than business and management, we also offer projects and assignments for other domains such as engineering, nursing, humanities, economics, law, statistics and applied science. 

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The approach to learning and assessment during the course of Bachelor of Business (honours) 

The whole learning experience in this program contains a broad mix of study modes which include individual and group consultation, seminars, presentations, lectures and workshop using videography or face-to-face and online and other sorts of flexible delivery mechanisms. Assessment in this course is designed to offer students opportunities to depict your analytical capabilities. The business assessments are designed to provide you with certain opportunities to demonstrate the capabilities. Assessments and assignments in this program will include several things which are mentioned below:

  • Projects and assignments: Some assignments will require you to display an advanced ability to work alone, while some may also involve groups projects which needs to be part of the team with other classmates. Written assignment tasks enables the students to develop their overall writing skills which can be further implied in their career as a business researcher. They are also able to boost up their skills to synthesise, analyse and present complex information and ideas.  
  • The program test students with reflective journals: where one may pause and consider all the things they have learnt and reflect them in a reflective essay reports and development on research capabilities. In case, student find difficulties with their reflective journals, our writers can craft them an essay online for business studies. 
  • Presentations and Assessed tutorials: a form of in-class text submission, which you have to complete as an individual or as a team. 
  • A lengthy written thesis, which will involve extensive research on one topic, compelled with past research and student’s observation and methodology. 
  • Peer-assessment and Self-assessment: The motive of these assessments is to present a seminar to display your own work or work of your group of classmates. These seminars will help you become more independent in business learning and develop critical assessment skills. 

The university offers a disability liaison Unit, with which you can negotiate the very aspects of used methods for assessments and learning in case you have a disability or a long term medical condition or other form of disadvantage. Further, we will discuss the course subject in Stages (A & B). 

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Honours Thesis in Context (BUSM4472)

 In this course, one will develop the context and background of honour research thesis. You will have an academic supervisor who will consult you throughout the course, with a direction to key publications which is completely relevant to the topics of main business principals and recognize the gap in your research and ask particular research questions with an aim to guide you for design of your research product which can later make a scholarly contribution to the field. He/she will be always available to consult you, discuss the research progress and provide necessary feedback and help you in refining research ideas which is appropriate for a short honours research period. On the successful completion of your course, you will be able to 

  • Recognise a significant, researchable topic of research mainly in business stream.
  • Critique and analyse the body of literature in a specific area of business study.  
  • Reflect your gathered insights on conflicting evidence and existing theories of your topic. 
  • Make a thesis statement revolving around problematic issue and develop significant research questions. 
  • Evaluate and determine the proposed research contribution, which your research will make in overall academics. 

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Honours Thesis in Practice (BUSM4473)

The course “Honours thesis in practice” addresses the fundamentals and methodology required for completing a quality thesis which can match the highest academic standards. The subject will traverse the essential characteristics of seminar literature, reading prior published paper for ideas and knowledge and what does it imply to contribute and conceptualise. It focuses on business discipline knowledge, and how such knowledge depicts research questions, the choice of methods and line of inquiry. The course lets the students with distinction between methodology and method used, writing a proposal for your thesis and also form the basis required for the “Thesis in Practice” course. On successful completion, the course will enable the students to:

  • Distinguish between context and concept 
  • Apply critical thinking and reading methods in a more directed and focused manner. 
  • To think conceptually to locate the particular idea and build a contextual argument to support it. 
  • Apply and research your line of enquiry. 
  • To make a difference what constitute a high-standard research arguments, questions and conclusion. 
  • Develop the skills of crafting a reasonable conceptual argument. 


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Qualitative Research Methods (BUSM4474)

This course equips with some of basic fundamental research techniques used by the business practitioners and academics that provide the practices on how to apply all these methods. One such method used in business finance is “Horizontal Analysis”, which shows changes in trends in corresponding financial statement for a firm. The journey of qualitative research methods will start with you exploring several philosophical underpinnings and theoretical paradigms for qualitative research methods. The next embarkment in the journey will come by investigating and experiencing various methods and strategies prevalent in business journals. The end of these methods will reflect by good interpretations of all these methods. 
By the end of this course, the student will be able to 

  • Synthesise, review and apply all these knowledge for various kind of inquired of by employing only the essential qualitative methods for business issue or problem. 
  • You will be able to apply critical thinking, judgements and logical reasoning in creating and imparting new discoveries of a business issue or problem. 
  • You need to select and edit out qualitative research methodologies and use a number of tools to store, analyse and interpret data based theories and research questions. 
  • Design, plan and constructively execute research programs in a certain area of business. 
  • You will be able to develop a proposal and creative option and produce and plan practical research outcomes. 
  • Employ oral and written skills, creative communication skills, in interpreting, gathering and reporting on numerous qualitative data. 


Quantitative Research Methods (BUSM4475)

The course adopts a rather practical approach for subsequent collection and analysis of quantitative data used for research in the business procedures. It always focus on certain key approaches which are being used for the process of data collection basis and how these approaches can be helpful for research objectives. A range of various analysis techniques which include both approaches designed to comprehend interdependencies in qualitative data used. The course is concerned with all the issues involved in applications of techniques being discussed in all thesis component of degree. It is advised to use appropriate software used to implement all the materials covered during the course. 

  • On a successful completion of the course, one is able to:
  • Undertake all the empirical analysis using appropriate software and correct analytical techniques 
  • Design and plan the data analysis and collection methods. 
  • Discuss logically, coherently and in a scholarly manner for the results of all research activities. 
  • Reflect on justifying judgements, chosen methods and decisions. 
  • Discuss and display the findings of research activities from a broad perspective in a coherent, logical and succinct manner collaboratively or interdependently. 
  • Analyze the data in a more ethical manner, concealing of results, avoiding selective use of data and fabrication of various outcomes. 


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Honours Thesis (BUSM4476)

 The course offers you an opportunity to explore a series of problems in-depth, assess a complete review of literature on a certain topic and modals for research, synthesize and analyse findings and reports the complete outcomes in a 15,000-word research thesis, perfectly formatted and referenced in a preferred referencing style suitable for publications in a professional journal. On successful completion of the course, one will be able to: 

  • Develop an advanced knowledge of a certain issue in particular business area of study. 
  • You need to undertake a critical review of academic literature relevant to business areas of study. 
  • Evaluate and analyse the modals and theories which supported your research area. 
  • Employ certain tools and research methods for analysing and gathering data. 
  • Communicate your list of findings as a complete academic thesis. 



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