Free Harvard Reference Generator

What is Harvard reference generator?

Harvard reference generator is an automated tool to create in-text referencing and referencing list. The tool automatically caters journals, webpages, books and other resources and provide apt referencing for the same. The Harvard citation style’s a system that guides the students, researchers and writers to incorporate other author’s findings, quotes and ideas in their work to support their conclusion without breaking any intellectual property law. This popular reference formatting is usually more common with publications and assignments for the field of humanities as well as social, behavioural and natural science. With the help of our tool for Harvard reference generator, you can directly put manual entries for Author’s name, title, issue and volume number of publication, publication house and publication date and you can directly copy your in-text referencing and generate automated bibliography. For some advanced features, we have added the Harvard style of referencing following your preferred university. You can also search books using 13-digits unique ISBN code and avail from number of resources such as journals, books, webpages, court hearing, encyclopaedia and many other.

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Why referencing is an important element of your academic papers?

Referencing can be a confusing task, especially when one is completely new to the concept, yet it’s essential to learn how to cite perfectly. Accurate and complete referencing is one of the most critical task for any academic assessment. In easy context, referencing or citing down your resource is giving credit to original authors for their ideas which you utilised to craft your essay, research paper, thesis, article or conference. To avoid plagiarism in your content, it’s necessary to provide essential credit. If you fail to do so, the consequences can be dire: deduction of marks in your assessment, expulsion from exams or legal suit against you by the original author at worst. This may sound alarming, but with using's Harvard reference generator, one can carry out their research with their paper responsibly and avoid plagiarism. It is critical to note that there are several citation style and use of any certain style of citation relies on the preference of your professor/university/college or the publication whom you are submitting your paper. Students often do common mistake of leaving in-text citation and later write an accurate bibliography, but with our tool for Harvard referencing, you can cite your resources as soon as you mention them in your research paper.

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Is there any limitation on the number of times I can use the tool for Harvard Referencing?

No, there is no limitations. You can use this tool as many times as possible. The technical experts and management team of have curated this tool for the sole purpose of assisting students with their academics. The tool is free of charge and you can operate it without any ads from a third party.

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A step by step guide to understand the use of free Harvard reference generator

To be sure about Harvard Referencing, you can have a look at our free referencing guide, where you can find detailed information on how to cite your sources such as book, journals, research paper and other.